Technology Ten Years Ago

Twenty years ago, could we imagine the direction that technology would take us today? In fact could we imagine it fifteen years ago? How about ten years ago? There might have been some ideas but really ten years ago, the world looked far different then it was. Consider these things that we take for granted today. For better or for worse, many things have taken off.

Technology As It Was Ten Years Ago

There was no YouTube.

There was no Twitter.

There was no Facebook.

The Internet was a very different place. A lot of people were on dial up. If you wanted to surf

the Internet, you essentially had to choose to between Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer. Now there are many options. Connections were also mostly dial up and prone to slowness.

MP3 Players such as Ipods were something that was distant. The fact that people could actually make money by others downloading songs was also something that was considered to be very alien.

There were no Iphones. Cell phones were very different then they are today. Considered to be stone age when you compare the cell phones of a

decade ago(or maybe even five years ago) to today.

There were no Kindles. Ebooks were something that was considered to be a mild curiosity.

DVDs were a fairly new medium although they were gaining steam.

On Demand Television was very alien. Tivos and DVRs were something that were a bit far off.

The list goes on and on.

We take these things for granted. Yet a decade or more ago, they might have been only just an idea. And just imagine how many more ideas just died right on the drawing board.

Technology has changed a lot in the last decade. In the next decade, the world we see today will be nothing like the world of 2021. Things are changing. We’re just along for the ride of insanity. We can only dream what the world will be life.

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