Wwf Attitude Era Series Part 34: Wwf Raw Is War 5/18/98

The road to Over the Edge 1998 continues, as Vince McMahon tries to put another roadblock in the way of Stone Cold Steve Austin in Part 34 in the WWF Attitude Era Series. WCW featured Slamboree this past weekend, headlined by The Giant(representing NWO Black and White) and Sting(representing WCW) defeating The Outsiders of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash(representing NWO Wolfpac) when Hall turned on Nash to join NWO Black and White. Bret Hart triumphed over Randy Savage, with some help with Hollywood Hogan, with Roddy Piper as the guest referee. Diamond Dallas Page finished off his feud with Raven in
a Bowery Death, which was a last man standing match inside a cage with weapons. Goldberg continued the undefeated streak beating Perry Saturn to retain the United States Title and Fit Finlay retained the WCW Television Title against Chris Benoit thanks to Booker T. Yet the match we’ve all been waiting for was the one on one between Eric Bischoff against Vince McMahon. Of course I doubt that the only one delusional enough to think this match would actually take place was Eric Bischoff. Needless to say, Mr. McMahon did not respond to Eric Bischoff’s trolling and Bischoff was awarded a victory via countout. On Nitro, nothing of note happened, besides, Sting refusing to join the NWO Black and White, so the Giant beats him up until Kevin Nash made the save. WWF RAW is WAR for May 18th 1998 features Vince McMahon throwing another roadblock towards Stone Cold Steve Austin in the form of Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco. Plus the New Age Outlaws defend the WWF Tag Team Titles against Owen Hart and The Rock and Dustin Runnels takes on Dude Love. In addition to Paul Bearer offers up proof that Kane is his son. This is Part 34 of the WWF Attitude Era Series. WWF RAW is WAR 5/18/98 Out comes Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson, and Gerald Brisco to talk about recent events. Dude Love joins them in a little bit. He promises to fulfill McMahon’s dreams by giving him a WWF Champion that they can be proud about, by beating Austin at Over the Edge. Dustin Runnels is called out for his interference last week. McMahon cuts Dustin a deal. If Dustin beats Dude Love, then he gets the title shot against Austin but if Dude beats Dustin, then Dustin won’t get paid for thirty days. This opening segment was rather solid in setting things up all things considered. Jerry Lawler arrives with a mysterious someone under a sheet. The plot has thickened. Val Venis defeated Too Cold Scorpio Val Venis has come! A pretty solid enough outing for Val Venis in his televised debut, avoiding a moonsault from Scorpio, before going to the top rope and hitting his flying splash that he has called the Money Shot. Steve Austin tries to enter the building but he is blocked by security. Austin beats up the security guard when he was not let into the building. Austin challenges McMahon to bring his two stooges(Patterson and Brisco), and he’ll fight them all in a three on one streetfight. Patterson accepts the challenge first, as does Brisco but McMahon declines, citing that it wouldn’t be fair if all three of them laid a beating on Austin. A good segment setting up Stone Cold Steve Austin against Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco in a Handicap Streetfight for later tonight. Another vignette detailing Edge arriving. Lawler talks about his mysterious friend under the sheet. Sable is out but Marc Mero reveals that he owns Sable’s contract and she has no choice but to manage him. Terry Funk defeated Marc Mero(w/Sable) A so-so match, with Sable distracting Mero, and this allows Funk to connect with a DDT, to put away Mero for the pin. Apparently Austin assaulting that security guard is going to have consequences, as the police have been called and are being lead through the building. Skull and Chainz of the DOA defeated LOD 2000 Chainz replaces 8-Ball in this match, improving it very slightly but this is still a rather bland match. Twin magic from the bikers
and 8-Ball scores the pin on Animal. LOD 2000 aren’t going to stand for this and challenges all three members of DOA to a six man tag team match next week, where they will have a partner. Kane and Paul Bearer are getting a DNA test. We will find out for sure tonight. Jerry Lawler reveals the man underneath the sheet is our good buddy Al Snow, along with Head. Lawler apparently promised to get Snow an audience with Mr. McMahon if he protects him from the Undertaker but Snow and Head “argue” with each other, thus causing Lawler to get agitated and perhaps second guess this idea. Dude Love d. Dustin Runnels. Dustin gave it a go, but Dude Love put him away rather quickly with a Mandible Claw. Not much of a match to be honest with you. As a result, Dustin is now going to have to work thirty days without pay. Steve Austin is arrested by the cops, thus obviously putting his handicap streetfight in doubt. In a great moment, Patterson and Brisco lament about the fact that they would be allowed to lay a beating on Austin due to the fact that he’s been arrested. The Headbangers defeated MEN’S Teioh and Dick Togo via disqualification. Could have been something but this was short, with Funaki entering the ring for the disqualification. Then TAKA and Bradshaw rush out for the save, fighting off Kaientai to keep that feud going. Austin is in the back of the squad car and Vince has a conference with the cops. DX are in the house. The usual stuff from them, where they take some trash about the Nation which leads to the WWF Tag Team Titles being put on the line. WWF Tag Team Champions the New Age Outlaws defeated Owen Hart and the Rock. Both DX and the Nation brawl before everyone but the people in this match are given the boot. Not too shabby as this match got a bit more time than average and it was rather decent. Faarooq pops up to attack the Rock, which allows the Outlaws to keep the WWF Tag Team Titles. Steve Austin is let go as long as he apologizes. If only it was that easy. Austin apologizes for the fact that the guard was stupid enough to get beaten up. Somehow that’s all good and cool and the gang. Austin is on the hunt for Vince McMahon meanwhile. As it turns out, Paul Bearer is Kane’s Daddy. Bearer calls Mama Undertaker, a “two bit whore”. Where’s Jerry Springer when you need him? Undertaker does not take too kindly and beats up Kane and then beats up Paul Bearer once again. Kane attacks Undertaker and Vader makes the save. That was that. Steve Austin battled Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco to a no contest in a Streetfight. Sgt. Slaughter is the guest referee and in the back pocket of Mr. McMahon, thusly attacking Austin but Austin fights the odds. Stone Cold Stunners are handed out like candy, but here comes Dude Love to get himself some of Stone Cold Steve Austin and a fan in a Stone Cold mask hops the guardrail, to nail Austin with a chair. He unmasks to reveal the sneering face of Vince McMahon! McMahon just got the better of the Rattlesnake. We are moving forward towards Over the Edge and next week is the final show, featuring the WWF European Champion Triple H taking on the WWF Intercontinental Champion the Rock. No belts on the line, just pride. That is in part 35 in the WWF Attitude Series. Next Part http://sportales.com/wrestling/wwf-attitude-era-series-part-34-wwf-raw-is-war-51898/ All WWF Attitude Era Series Parts http://wrestlingemporium.blogspot.com/p/wwf-attitude-era-series_12.html

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