Iron Man Episode 49 Iron Monger Lives

Iron Man Armored Adventures Episode 49 was titled Iron Monger Lives. The disappearance of Obadiah Stane and the return of Iron Monger appear to be connected, as he tries to gain his revenge on Tony by poisoning Howard Stark. Things are not what they seem however. Iron Man Armored Adventures Episode 49 Iron Monger Lives first aired on the Nicktoons Network on July 4th 2012.

Iron Man Armored Adventures Episode 49 Iron Monger Lives Review

The following contains a review for Iron Man Armored Adventures Season 2 Episode 23 Iron Monger Lives.

Episode Synopsis

Howard and Tony Stark go to see Obadiah Stane, with

Tony disagreeing that Howard should have anything to do with him but Howard bringing up the fact that Tony was wrong about Stane causing his plane crash. Meanwhile, Obadiah is gone and he appears to wake up, saying that he remembers.

Obadiah appears to take a shot at Howard by blowing up parts of the city and then he appears to be poisoned right on his orders. Howard Stark has merely six hours to live before he goes absolutely and totally brain dead. Obadiah Stane taunts Tony with the cure, as Pepper and Rhodey try to get help, but Obadiah's daughter Whitney appears to be cold and indifferent to them.

Killer attack drones go right after everyone, as the pieces are fallen together. As Iron Man fights Iron Monger for the antidote, it is defeated using Extremis. Then Obadiah changes into a series of people, to reveal Madam Masque or better known as Whitney Stane, who swears vengeance on Tony, remembering he is Iron Man and blaming Iron Man for putting her father in a coma. The mask is messing with her mind but Tony manages to get

the antidote.

After Howard is healed, Tony leads S.H.I.E.L.D to Whitney's location, who threatens to tell them that he is Iron Man but they already know. Tony muses that everyone knows but his father, who may find out assume. Meanwhile Madam Masque assumes the identity of a guard to escape.

Episode Review

The twist in this episode, I think we kind of could have saw this one coming. However, there were times where they tried. More than halfway through the episode, we saw the Whitney posing as Obadiah using the Madam Masque identity coming a mile and a half away.

Yeah, Tony a lot of people know that you're Iron Man. Of course, there are some hints that Howard might know or suspect. And Rhodey's comment about needing a bigger suit of armor if his mom finds out so she doesn't kick his butt was hilarious.

Obviously, using the one mask that drove you around the bend once because it poisoned you was rather smart. And obviously, given that she has vengeance as a motive, Whitney is not really all there throughout this episode.

Fun action but kind of predictable in places.

Final Thoughts and Rating

6/10 for this episode. You can watch Iron Man Armored Adventures Episode 49 Iron Monger Lives on the Iron Man Armored Adventures section of the Nicktoons Website.  

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