Batman The Animated Series Episode 27 Mad As A Hatter

Time to take a look at Batman the Animated Series Episode 27, Mad as a Hatter. As you might expect, this deals with the first appearance of Jervis Tetch, better known as the Mad Hatter, as his obsession with a co-worker named Alice gets a bit out of control. Can Batman stop the devious Hatter, as he has many people under his mind control. Batman the Animated Series Episode 27 Mad as a Hatter first aired on October 12 1992 on FOX.

Batman the Animated Series Episode 27 Mad as a Hatter


The Mad Hatter is a rather favorite Batman villain in

some circles. I find that he has his moments. Obviously heavily inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter specializes in mind control through any number of hats in the comic book. Real name is Jervis Tetch, but his obsession is obvious. Also in young girls named Alice. And just young girls in general. There has been some disturbing undertones with Mad Hatter’s character that have been heavily, heavily implied throughout the years in the comic books, that he is a pedophile to an extent. Obviously you can’t do that in a cartoon, but he does have an obsession with his of age co-worker Alice, who all things considered might still be half his age or younger in this episode. Tetch does come across as slightly older.

The Mad Hatter in this episode is voiced by Roddy McDowell, of the Planet of the Apes fame but he’s no stranger to Batman, as McDowell played the Bookworm in the live action Adam West series.

I think that there

was some dark undertones in this episode. And things that were on screen, like Hatter putting the mind control cards on the two thugs and making them jump off the bridge. He’s mind controlled many people. In a darker medium, he could do anything with the power of mind control. Like for instance, tell people to stop breathing. The possibilities are endless for mind control.

And what exactly was he intending to do to the girl when he had her under mind control. There are any number of disturbing implications that a cartoon cannot expressly spread out. It does show that he has some regret, he pins the blame on Batman, but really in many ways, his own obsessions rather cause the Hatter’s downfall. He is fixated, jealous, and quite frankly insane. It is a downfall of many Batman villains in the end. Trying to get Batman out of his comfort zone, forcing him to fight the mind controlled innocent citizens was actually pretty good.

I thought this episode was mostly enjoyable. Not the best, but I think that it’s worth at least a watch. 7.5/10 for this episode. Watch Batman the Animated Series Episode 27 Mad as a Hatter on Batman the Animated Series Volume 1 or Batman the Animated Series the Complete Collection DVD. All DCAU Reviews So Far

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