Groups Of People That Are Sadly Shunned By Society

As much as we would really like to see the world as a rather great place and how we should try and look at the positive spin on things, the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of things about the world that are messed up. There are many groups of people who tend to be looked at as second class citizens. Society tends to be rather messed up as these people in general tend to be looked at and spurned more often than not. Today, five groups of people who are often swept to the side,
because they have outlived their usefulness by societyís standards, will be discussed.

Five Groups Shunned By Society

Society has a way of having standards. As much as we tend to get away from it, there are times where a mob mentality exists. And letís face it, those who are in power will in fact tend to just kick people to the side, when their usefulness has expired. The Homeless There are many who are out on the streets. Some of them granted, it is sadly because of mis-management of money, gambling or drug habits, or anything else along those lines. But there are some who are victims of a harsh economy. Where they lose their jobs, and perhaps sink into a depression. Eventually they find themselves on the streets, without a home. It is quite unfortunate that every homeless person is tarred with the same brush more often than not, as a screw up of society and someone that failed at life. There are many times where circumstances beyond their control will put people out on the street. Unwed Mothers Given the highly religious world that tends to be common place, people tend to look down at their nose of those who gave birth to children out of wedlock. While it is true that deadbeat fathers do get some ridicule, it is the unwed mothers that tend to get looked at as if they are some kind of horrific monster that deserves to be put down. They are seen as loose women who canít keep their legs closed. Perhaps in some cases, but one thing that everyone should know is people make stupid mistakes when they are young. Even if bringing a child in the world when you barely stopped being one is
one of the biggest mistakes. Orphans You got to feel sorry for people who have lost their birth parents. Even if they are adopted into a happy home, there is still some baggage and some insecurities and often times it can be fodder for a lot of scorned. People tend to look at orphans in a rather different light, they can live an almost alien existence, despite not being any different from your average person. The Uneducated There are many uneducated people out there. Uneducated people across the board have been branded as lazy drains on society. Once again with all of these groups, it is a rather simplistic view to look at things. There are learning disabilities that exist in the world that cause the learning experience to rather be harsher and people to get frustrated. There are also people who donít feel challenged enough. And then there are those who are not equipped to be teaching giving instruction Yes, some might be lazy drains on society, but thatís not a catch all answer. Senior Citizens Perhaps the harshest example of being swept under the rug is, those who are past a certain age are considered to be rather expendable. There are many cases where the only interest that people take in senior citizens is their money. And when thatís gone, it is just a matter of time when no one cares. There have been many cases of senior citizens getting scammed. Nursing homes with harsh conditions and inadequate care, for expensive prices. But perhaps the worst thing at all, is there have been instances where family members are the worst. They take advantage of their parents or other older family members, their deteriorating minds and condition, and taking advantage of the love that they have. When family exists, youíd like to trust them, but sadly there are many out there twisted to take advantage and in the end, only a minority will care. In the end, society tends to be rather hostile to many. These groups tend to be those who are mistreated, swept to the side, and just sadly not given any care by those who can really make a difference.

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