Florida Championship Wrestling 12/4/11

Welcome to the Florida Championship Wrestling review for 12/4/11 across the Florida and around Florida. Tonight the Florida Heavyweight Championship is on the line when Leo Kruger defends against the number one contender Abraham Washington.

Florida Championship Wrestling 12/4/11


Last week on Florida Championship Wrestling, no one bothered to upload the show on YouTube for me to watch, but Abraham Washington became the number one contender for the Florida Heavyweight Championship, thus bringing us one step closer to the Apocalypse of Abraham Washington holding the championship. Also Bo Rotundo returned.

Brad Maddox and Briley Pierce defeated CJ Parker and Donny Marlow to

become the new FCW Tag Team Champions.


It was a by the numbers tag team match, until the ending, when Pierce reversed a roll up to score the pin to the surprise of everyone. That is the very nature of a shock flash pin for sure. Maddox can’t believe it either but we have new Florida Tag Team Champions. Maddox is pleased and you can feel the bromance in the air.

Calvin Raines defeated Kevin Hackman via disqualification


Match wasn’t that good until the finish. Silent Rage shoved the referee down. Then Raines kicks Hackman in the groin. Then he fakes getting kicked in the groin to cause the disqualification. Now that’s a great heel move.

Mr. Antonio Cesaro is here to give up a lesson. We should all stand up for an appreciation for him. He wasn’t born in this stinking country. You think this is the land of milk and honey. Well down here, it stinks funny…wait wrong foreign heel. He vows to be the first ever Swiss Born WWE Champion and have the biggest celebration party known to him. He’s the best wrestler to come out of European and he’ll destroy everyone. It doesn’t matter if its Seth Rollins, Damien Sandow, Leo Kruger, Dean Ambrose or anyone else, he’ll take them out.

Bo Rotundo wants a title shot when he’s cleared to wrestle to Maxine. And then here comes Derrick Bateman, to continue that storyline from NXT. Maxine rails on Bateman for interrupting her conversation when she is working as the General Manager of FCW. Then Richie Steamboat shows up and Maxine asks if he’s ready. She is.

Dean Ambrose is healthy, he has twenty twenty vision, great hair, and great hearing. Ambrose wants the FCW 15 championship and calls out Damien Sandow for a potential title shot. Ambrose claims that he’s indestructible, as William Regal will also find out before too long. He’s says Regal will have to run him over with a car. He’s sending messages

to Regal, Triple H, John Laurinaitis, Maxine, anyone he has to, that he’s not to be messed with and he’ll be taking over the world and everyone should get out of the way.

“Mr. Jacked” Nick Rogers and Big E. Langston defeated Jiro and Sakamoto.


I may have butchered the names of the Japanese gentlemen fierce. They are trainees of TAKA Michinoku. “Mr. Jacked”, shouldn’t that be Mason Ryan’s nickname? Nick Rogers has two percent body fat. I call that one into question. Mr. Rogers gets the pin with an elbowdrop so it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood indeed.

Coming up next, Abraham Washington gets his Florida Championship Title Shot against Leo Kruger.

Husky Harris is down backstage, being hit from behind with a baseball bat. Richie Steamboat stands nearby.

Leo Kruger retained the Florida Heavyweight Title against Abraham Washington.


This match dragged on a lot. Kruger kicked out of two In Your Face Elbow Drops and Washington survived the sleeperhold. This was a WWE style version of the Davey Richards wrestling inside of a vacuum match that I loathe so very much. Kruger scores the Flair pin and keeps the title.

Leo Kruger celebrates. So long from the Sunshine State.

Why You Should Watch Florida Championship Wrestling 12/4/11


Both the Dean Ambrose and Antonio Cesaro interviews were pretty good. The wrestling action was kind mehtastic.


Florida Championship Wrestling Results 12/4/11


Brad Maddox and Briley Pierce defeated CJ Parker and Donny Marlow to win the Florida Tag Team Titles.

Calvin Raines defeated Kevin Hackman.

Nick Rogers and Big E. Langston defeated Jiro and Sakamoto

Leo Kruger defeated Abraham Washington to retain the Florida Heavyweight Championship.

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