Constructive And Destructive Criticism

Criticism is a part of life. And it is most certainly a huge part of the Internet no matter what way you look at it. The Internet can be an extremely negative place, with more bad things which people say than good things. It is extremely easy to be negative and extremely easy to criticize when you are sitting behind a computer monitor, to say things that you will never say in the real world for fear of consequences. There is a huge difference between constructive and destructive criticism.

Constructive Versus Destructive Criticism

Writers in all walks of life will experience criticism.

That is just a part of the nature. Criticism is going to be even more common when they become well known and should they gain a certain kind of reputation. A reputation some writers may never be able to live up to, especially if the praise is high.

It is rather easy to criticize, and not all criticism is bad. In fact it can be very helpful, if given in the right way and in the right context. For instance, if you explain what you do not like in a clear, concise, and intelligent way, then it can be very useful for the writer. They can choose to take the criticism and apply it or not depending on a number of factors. Still it can in many cases allow individuals to grow as writers.

There is constructive criticism and there is destructive criticism. Destructive criticism does no one any good and is obviously given by people who do not have the ability to put together an intelligent and credible argument. Basically it is just short and coarse comments that have no redeeming value to anyone

with language that should not be repeated within polite company. They tell you nothing and help no one.

Destructive criticism is often the work of a troll, that being someone who is hoping to get a rise, hoping to get a recognition out of someone. Much like a petulant toddler tries to cry for attention and often times acts out when they are not receiving it, destructive criticism can be this. It can also be some level of jealousy or perhaps just the fact that they had nothing meaningful to do with their lives. Or they have a deplorable sense of self-esteem where they need to take others down through feeble means in an attempt to make themselves feel better.

These types of comments can be found if you walk into any place on the Internet. Click on any YouTube video and chances are, you’ll find some very destructive criticism, that is obvious trolling and flame baiting.

If criticism is of no value and it is an obvious trolling attempt, then it likely should be deleted by those who have the capability of doing so. The person’s one failed attempt to gain infamy will disappear immediately.

Sadly the Internet (and to a lesser extent life in general) is filled with a lot more destructive criticism, then constructive criticism. This point makes us cherish any constructive criticism that comes our way, should we choose to apply it.

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