Welfare System In United States Being Outrageously Abused

People on Welfare have gotten a rather negative reputation. And sadly it is not without good reason. While there are many who are in poverty for reasons that are sometimes beyond their own control, where they need public aid as they struggle to get back right on their feet. And some people do work hard to get on their feet, to pull themselves out of poverty which can be an uphill battle.

Then there are others who manipulate the welfare system, out of laziness, due to the simple fact that they can. In the United States it is a problem and

those who are punished are those who are truthfully struggling but trying to better themselves.

Is the Welfare System Too Shamelessly Abused.

Over the past number of days, there was a story of a woman in Michigan who won the lottery, one million dollars, but decided to spend it all on luxuries such as a second house and a brand new car. Yet, she was on welfare. One would think that someone in such a state of poverty where public aid was needed, would appreciate the value of a dollar a little bit more.

Yet, the money was blown. And the woman who won the lottery seemed to think she qualified for welfare. Many lawmakers woke up and realized that that it was not really the fault of the people who abused the welfare system, but rather the fact that the system could be so easily abused. That is a harsh reality, where people tend to manipulate systems

that are put up for people who are struggling.

With the economy, there are many people in poverty. Some of them are people who were earning a great deal of money at one time, but thought that the happy days would be always be here. Yet, they learned the hard way that businesses fail and many employees were out of luck and if they spent money recklessly out of money.

Those on welfare have gotten the reputation that it has because of the fact that many people have abused it. Aid that was intended to be given for a short time as people try and pick themselves up. To survive an awfully harsh word. People having children in an attempt to manipulate the welfare system, to get money, spending the money on luxuries for themselves.

Is everyone on the welfare system like this? Naturally not. Those who do game the system like that do give every single person a bad name.

Poverty is an awful thing, but it is worse when people manipulate the system. And it may just get even tougher to get public aid for people who do need it. The welfare system is one that has been abused and sadly all who have been on welfare get the reputation that they have.

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