Optimists, Pessimists, And Realists: The Three Classifications Of Attitudes.

People tend to get described by being either pessimistic or optimistic. It is obvious to many what those words really mean. Optimism means a rather positive approach to your life while pessimism means an negative approach to your life. These types of attitudes do tell you about the type of people you are dealing with but it is not always black and white, or between optimism and pessimism.

Optimists, Pessimists, And Realists: The Three Classifications of Attitudes.

Many people fall into the classification of being optimistic and also being pessimistic. We defined what they meant, but however let us dive a little

bit deeper.


An optimist has a rather positive outlook on everything. They tend to rather tend to rather look at the positivity of everything, even the most negative things, they can find something worthwhile about. There are times where optimism can go a bit too far, to the point of being hopelessly naïve about the evils of the world(and there are many). There is a side classification of being cautiously optimistic, which means they have a positive outlook, but they are not as blind as other extreme optimists. Under the most extremely situations, they will acknowledge that something is in fact bad.

A positive outlook can lead to a healthy life and stress, but it can also be a slight liability if you are a bit too trusting and positive, as there are a lot of people who do take advantage of trusting, optimistic people.


Pessimists look at life rather negatively, some

of them to a rather great extreme. Even the happiest thing in the world, they can find something rather wrong with them. They are rather bitter, jaded individuals. Often times it is for a reason, but pessimists seem incapable of seeing the good in the situation. The glass is always half empty and for some pessimists, whatever is in that half glass is poison. They tend to never be satisfied and will always find fault with everything.

A negative attitude on life may be rather unhealthy, leading to stress, and excessive paranoia. Even if said paranoia can be justified at times.


Realists tend to look at how the world is and their attitudes and opinions are based mostly upon fact and observation. Often times, realists are accused by being pessimists, but it does go without saying that there are a lot of bad things to observe in the world. Optimists rarely do get accused of being so, but it is not uncommon. Realists tend to have a more balanced worldview, although they might teeter back between optimism and pessimism as needed.

In the end, realists tend to prove that the world is not as black and white as we would like to think it is.

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