Batman The Brave And The Bold Season 3 Episode 13 Mitefall

It is that time, one final time, for Batman the Brave and the Bold Season 3 Episode 13, Mitefall. This is episode 65 of Batman the Brave and the Bold overall. Bat-Mite(voiced by Paul “Pee Wee Herman” Reubans) is tired of the lighter toned Batman series and tries to force network executives to cancel the show by issuing a lot of challenges. Can Ambush Bug stop Bat-Mite’s quest to end the show to replace it for something darker or will Bat-Mite’s horrific plot to end Batman the Brave and the Bold succeed. Also Gorilla Grodd is turning people into bananas,

but that’s beside the point. This is Batman the Brave and the Bold Season 3 Episode 13 Mitefall.

Batman the Brave and the Bold Season 3 Episode 13 Mitefall

This is a kind of a spoiler heavy review being the final episode of the series, so be warned.

The teaser of this episode features an alternative universe, where Batman saves Abraham Lincoln from getting assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. I’m going to miss this show. Things get awesome when Batman and Abraham Lincoln fight side by side against Booth in a steam powered battle suit. So awesome, so epic…10/10 for this episode, just for the teaser alone. I mean, who could ever imagine that you’d see Batman and Abraham Lincoln fighting side by side. All we need to do is thrown in Chuck Norris and Teddy Roosevelt to make it even more awesome.

So Batman and Aquaman are going after Gorilla Grodd, who has an evil plan. For once, it’s not turning humans into gorillas, its turning humans into bananas. We are watching Bat-Mite watching the show. You know the fourth wall. We’re tearing that bad boy down for this episode, the finale, the grand finale of Batman the Brave and the Bold. The only way we could destroy the fourth wall anymore is if Deadpool and Raphael from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon got involved.

Bat-Mite laments out the show has gotten stale. I beg to differ. So Bat-Mite says that we’ve had some good times but now he wants something more dark and grim. The fans cried foul because they want their Batman to be all “serious business and dark” all of the time, but overall, people have grown to love Batman the Brave and the Bold for the fun show it is. But all good things must end. Batman jumps over the shark, which leads to Bat-Mite getting the idea to destroy the show by introducing pretty much every reason why a show fails. To recap, here’s Bat-Mite’s nefarious plot to get Batman the Brave and the Bold cancelled.

-Batman gets married
-Batman gets a cutesy daughter
-Add gadgets forced on the show to promote toys.
-A popular character gets replaced.
-Hire Ted McGinley.

How insidious. Changes start to happen, but never fear, Ambush Bug is on the case. So now we are watching Ambush Bug watching Bat-Mite watching the show. Batman and Aquaman (now voiced by Ted McGinley) try and stop Grodd’s nefarious plan to turn all of

humanity into bananas but Bat-Mite’s nefarious plan is causing all of reality to be erased due to people switching the station. Ambush Bug knows how to bring back people, by mindless violence.

Bat-Mite is not done however. He has more tricks up his sleeve, diabolical and devious tricks.
-He gives Ace the Bat Bound an annoying Scrappy Doo like nephew(shudders)
-He moves the show from Gotham City
-He gives Batman a variant costume that exists to sell toys.

Yet, worst of all, he does the one most diabolical thing ever, the thing that slaps in the face of everything Batman does.

He gives Batman guns!

Ambush Bug is horrified and I’m horrified along with him. Yet Batman manages to snap out of it, throw down the guns, and give Grodd a good old fashioned Bat beatdown, as everything turns back to normal.

However, not everything is good, as a force more diabolical than any villain Batman has ever faced, Network Executives, have decided to bring the show to a close. Batman the Brave and the Bold is done.

A moment of silence please.

Bat-Mite does admit that the show had its moments, some good episodes, but it’s going to end. And be replaced by a Batgirl cartoon with Batman in a supporting role. Well at least as far as this show is concerned. Ambush Bug pops back up, to point out that since this is darker and Bat-Mite is a silly character (and a fictional one too), by getting the show cancelled, he erased himself. Bat-Mite realizes what he did and laments that it cannot end like this, but it can and he vanishes into nothingness.

We see the entire cast stand around, heroes and villains alike. Batman assures us that no matter what, he’ll always be there, in some form or another and justice will always triumph.

Excuse me, I have something in my eye.

You never appreciate what you have, until it is gone. Good bye Batman the Brave and the Bold. I still have fifty previous episodes from the first two seasons to review but this is the finale, the last new episode we’ll see. May you sail off into the night and the memories of the quality you brought remain in the hearts and minds of the fans. 11/10 for this episode. That is not a typo. This episode broke the rating scale. You can no longer watch new episodes of Batman the Brave and the Bold every Friday night on Cartoon Network.

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