Five Things That Might Not Have Known You Could Overdose On

The worst possible thing that can happen to many people is overdosing on something. An overdose can cause death. Even if you somehow survive, overdosing may cause permanent brain damage and those who overdose are never really the same ever again to say the very least. Nine times out of ten overdose does lead to death and the one time where an overdose does not lead to death out of ten, it can lead to a number of long term health consequences. Brain damage as mentioned, organ damage, and regression of many functions of the body to a number of


Most commonly overdoses is really tied to a number of drugs. You hear about overdoses for cocain, heroin, misused prescription pain killers, any number of different drugs can lead to a fatal overdose. With that point in mind, there are a number of other items that you might not have known that can lead to overdose. Here are a list of five items that you might not have known you can overdose on.

Cough Medicine

This actually is not that obscure but it is not as commonly as associated with an overdose. There are many times where we might need a little cough medicine. With that fact in mind, there are a lot of people who use cough medicine for reasons other than treating a cough. Some people use cough medicine as a method to get high and if they do that too much, they can potentially overdose and die. The scariest part is that cough medicine can be bought over the counter, with no questions asked in many places. Abusing it is going to lead to consequences, just like an abuse of prescription painkillers.

Vitamin Pills.

We all know that vitamins are good for us. However there is too much of a good thing. If we overdo the number of vitamins that we take, we can actually elevate certain things in our body past a level of where it should me. While not to the level of taking steroids for example, taking too many vitamins can have a strain on the body and can lead to an overdose. Vitamin poisoning is a very real thing, so no matter how good vitamins are, there is always too

much of a good thing. So yes, you can overdose on vitamins.


Technically speaking, you can overdose on having sex. The human body has certain limitations that can be pushed. Eventually when pushed too hard, your heart might give out or you may become heavily dehydrated due to body fluids being utterly hammered due to the effort. Just some food for thought the next time you try and pressure your partner for one more time. It could be their one last time. Some people though would prefer going out with a bang.


I'm sure people have heard of alcohol poisoning, which can lead down the road to an overdose. You can overdose on water. Water is something that we would enjoy for sure. Many professionals agree that you should drink at least eight, eight ounce, glasses of water a day. Although not at the same time, because too much water in the system could lead to an overdose. There have been cases of people dying of overdosing on water. It is a nasty business. Just don't chug down too much water too soon. It could kill you.


Now this is more of a freak overdose thing but it still possible. The fact remains is that there is a one in a million chance that you can overdose on oxygen. Working your lungs too hard, by filling them with too much oxygen, that can potentially lead to overdose. Granted most of the time, oxygen overdose can happen with a faulty oxygen tank when someone is kept on life support. It is more rare, but not impossible, for oxygen overdose to happen naturally. The very thing that is necessary to live, there is a small chance that it could kill us.

So overdose is a bad thing but there are many things that we do not commonly associate with overdosing, but they can lead to an overdose under certain circumstances, if they are misused.

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