Wwf Attitude Era Series Part 6b: Wwf In Your House Degeneration X

WWF In Your House: D-Generation X December 7th 1997

TAKA Michinoku pinned Brain Christopher in the finals of the tournament to declare the first ever WWF Lightheavyweight Champion.

WWF obviously felt the need to copy one of WCW's biggest successes, the Cruiserweight Division. It never really got to the level that WCW had. And the reason for it is that we had TAKA and that's pretty much it. No really, that's pretty much it. Brian Christopher as a Light Heavyweight was rather pushing it in many ways. In fact, Alex Wright in WCW in 1997 was Cruiserweight Champion for a month and

it strained believability. Thankfully Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio salvaged that feud. Brian Christopher is much better as a tag team wrestler than he is in a singles guy and when you stand this action up to the high flying high octane style that was WCW's Cruiserweight Division at the time. Tennessee Jam misses and TAKA wins with the Michinoku Driver. It should be noted that I don't think Brian Christopher was bad, just rather miscasted.

Los Boriques defeated DOA in the feud that will never die, the 1997 version.

Los Boriques are of course Savio Vega, Miguel Perez, Jose Estrada, Jesus Castillo.. DOA is now just 8-Ball, Skull, and Chainz, with Crush buggering off after Montreal, and then going to WCW, to join the NWO. The Boriques in this match are Miguel, Jose, and Jesus, although Savio gets involved and allows them to get the win. WWF's undercard in 1997 was pretty much a bunch of stables, fighting in random matches, randomly, and I think only one of them was good.

Butterbean defeated Marc Mero in a Toughman Match.

I don't think I've seen this Pay Per View until I did this review since it actually aired. All these memories are coming back of how bad it was. Fans really crap on this match, because its boxing, and they don't want to see boxing, because this is a wrestling show and they want to see wrestling. Even if its bad wrestling between bikers and hispanics and South African militants and black militants and hog farmers and metalheads and cowboys and whatever else passed for midcard during 1997 WWF. Mero hits a low blow for the disqualification. This was abhorrent.

Hey The Artist Formally Known as Goldust is out, to mentally scar us for life. We could have added a match between Goldust and Vader and it might have actually been decent, but no, not on this show, not on this show.

The Legion of Doom defeated the Road Dogg and Billy Gunn via disqualification.

Still not the Outlaws right yet. The opener was decent enough but this is the third really bad match o this show. Ten minutes, felt like about thirty, and we got a rather horrific DQ finish once again. If TNA did this pay per view today, the entire Internet would crack in half. The Godwinns get involved, thus continuing another feud that wouldn't die, the Godwinns and The Legion of Doom. This is the disqualification and Gunn and Road Dogg keeps the belt.

Triple H defeated Sgt. Slaughter in the Boot Camp Match.

The fourth bad match in a row, although better than the last three. Not that's saying much. We got almost twenty minutes, for the over the hill Sgt. Slaughter and Triple H, about two years before he became any good. The MindBoogles I really didn't remember being this Pay Per View being this bad. No, no, this might be a contender of one of the worst Pay Per Views of all time. Chyna gets involved, hitting Slaughter in his GI Joe(there's one I missed), and Triple H gets the pin with the Pedigree.

Jeff Jarrett defeated the Undertaker via disqualification.

This might have been decent. You know how TNA sometimes

teases a good X-Division Match but only gives it three minutes. Well, guess what WWF did in 1997. Kane runs in and choke slams Jeff Jarrett, getting the Undertaker disqualified. So Jeff Jarrett has scored a win over the Undertaker. Of sorts. In his Aztec Warrior Garb, Jeff Jarrett has defeated the Undertaker. The build between Kane and the Undertaker continues.

Steve Austin defeated The Rock to retain the WWF Intercontinental Title.

This was good actually. Too short, but I'll take any good wrestling right now. Steve Austin drives his Pickup Truck to the ringside area. The Nation of Domination try to punk Steve Austin but Austin fights them off, throwing D'Lo Brown through the windshield. Stunner on the roof and Austin comes into the ring, to beat down the Rock. Thesz Press is blocked and Rock nearly pins Austin. Okay that was cool. The Nation tries to attack Austin again but Austin punks them out again, sending them into the truck. Rock gains control and nails the move that would soon be known as the People's Elbow. Another attempt is avoided and in the heat of the moment, Austin takes out the referee with the Stone Cold Stunner. Austin gets the Rock with the second one and another referee runs out for the pin, counting the three. Steve Austin retains the WWF Intercontinental Title. They would have many better in WWF for sure.

Ken Shamrock defeats WWF Champion Shawn Michaels...via disqualification; Shawn Michaels keeps the WWF Championship.

The match was decent, I guess. Shawn Michaels yells loudly in this match, calling spots on camera. Shawn Michaels was such a swarmy little punk during this time period. A good wrestler, but still an utter prick. WWF decides to cut the nuts of every fan watching off, by having Chyna and Triple H run into for the blasted disqualification. The third one of the night. Awkward in places and the finish did not help my mood.

DX laughs at fans paying thirty dollars to see a cheap DQ finish in the main event. DX is standing tall, having screwed over everyone yet again. There is really no turning back right now, DX has squashed the Hart Foundation and now Ken Shamrock is railroaded out winning the WWF Championship. Who could stand up to them.


Out comes Owen Hart, punking out Shawn Michaels, sending him flying and getting in some good shots, before he rushes back into the crowd, before Triple H or Chyna can relax. Owen Hart has gotten his hands on Shawn Michaels, the last remaining Hart, the Sole Survivor! A good ending, pretty much making post fans forget about the horrid disqualification finish.

D-Generation X was not WWF putting their best foot forward for sure. Yet with the return of Owen Hart and the continued rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock, not to mention Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Chyna ruling the roost as DX, there would be many interesting times to come for WWF.

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