Five Essential Qualities Of Good Teachers

Teachers are those who will help build the foundation of the next generation that will run the world.

Teachers are those who will help build the foundation of the next generation that will run the world.

I think everyone should find some merit in that statement. Teachers tend to influence us at school and their influence sticks to us later in life. However, it should really be a good kind of influence that does in fact stick with us. The sad thing is, we are reaching an age in the world where just anyone off of the street who can dress the part is slapped behind that desk. There are some good teachers that remain but its becoming such

a thankless job that is scaring potentially good educators of our youth to higher grounds. This is not a good thing, as it is leading to an atmosphere where there are some areas where teachers are only barely more qualified to teach the subject than most of the students in the classes. Then in many other cases, there is no barely about it.

What are the qualities of good teachers?

That is a rather intriguing question in many ways. We have all experience our share of teachers that have really allowed us to grow as people by sharing their knowledge in a practical and educational way. On contrary, we have had our share of really bad teachers as well. Hopefully it is far more than the good than the bad, but some people are not that fortunate. So we must spin ourselves around back to the qualities of good teachers. There are many but here are five qualities of teachers.

Teachers should command respect but not fear.

Respect is key to a healthy relationship between students and their teachers. However, some teachers have a problem with determining the difference between respect and fear. You have to be slightly strict to get a group of students under control granted, but overdo it and thus you do far more damage than good. Fear is the worst thing that you can have with a group of students. They will be well behaved, but you will also have a class that resents you. By extension they begin resenting the entire educational process and that is not a good road to go down. Do not let the students that you teach walk all over you, but do not go too far into the spectrum of fear.

Teachers should be patient, almost to a saint like level.

Let's face it, you're going to have a lot of students who are going to panic over various aspects of school. Therefore, having a teacher who cannot deal with the pressure, and thus loses their patience often, that's not going to lead to a very good classroom environment. We all have our limits but a teacher needs to be able to handle a situation where they are thrown in the pressure cooker. They will need to be able to mediate any arguments and drama that comes up in the school environment. Understand that you'll be dealing with children(or even teenagers later on, that brings drama to an entirely different level), and not all of them are going

to be the easiest to police.

Teachers should be passionate about their job and by extension their students, not just be out for a paycheck.

Paycheck zombies these days tend to be more of a rule rather than an exception. People who just mindlessly go to work, mindlessly go through their job, mindlessly go home, and then mindlessly collect their paycheck, without any interest. You could replace them with robots and really no one would be able to determine the difference. This is really something that can cause a problem in the confines of the classroom. If a teacher does not really care, students for the most part stop caring and thus that could have dramatic affects for the long term future of students.
Teachers need to be able to explain the subject(s) that they are teaching.

And by explain, I mean not telling the students to read the textbook and just sitting back at their desk, playing minesweeper on their computer. Actually students should at least read the textbook but it should be understood that while the textbook is not going to adequately address confusion on the topic all of the time. Therefore, a teacher will need to understand that they will need to have a more hands on explanation, sometimes one on one with a student to allow them to understand and to properly grasp the topic. Sadly teachers seem to just think that the textbook is adequate explanation. With some teachers, you might as well just allow Google to teach the class.

Teachers should assign homework for all of the right reasons.

I think anyone who has ever been a student realizes that homework is a part of life at school. Still there are some times where it is evident that a teacher assigns homework just because they can assign homework. Homework should be an aid to demonstrate understanding with lessons than are taught. Yet when overdone and just assigned in excessive degrees, that can be something that could destroy any interest in school. When students are doing tired and mechanical work for four hours a night, after spending eight hours at school, it becomes easy to see why many grow to loath school. Teachers should structure their lesson plans smartly, giving just enough homework to aid to understand.

In the end, teachers are the people who are the guiding lights to the future. In many ways, they do play about as large of a role as parents in building a foundation of the future. They are extremely important and there needs to be more of an effort to keep the better teachers, than to just throw anyone who looks the part behind the desk. Other Articles About Educational From This Author

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