Smoke Alarm Goes Off With No Fire

Picture the scene. You are sitting in your house just sitting back and relaxing after a long day's work, ready for an evening of peace and tranquility, and suddenly the smoke detector goes off in the house. Given the need for fire safety, this will be a cause for the panic and you wonder what could have caught on fire. Yet you don't smell any smoke, you don't see any fire, and the smoke detector stops right after an amount of time. Once you have completely verified that there is not a fire in your house, you wonder, why did

my smoke detector go off when there was no fire?

Why Would a Smoke Detector Go Off If There is No Smoke and Fire

It is normally not a good sign if a smoke detector goes off when there is no problem that would require it to go off. It it registers such a false positive, there is a likely chance that there is something defective about your model.

It could be dangerous for you and your family if a smoke detector would fail to detect a fire at a critical juncture. It is highly recommended that working smoke detectors are on every level of the house.

Battery failure is often the culprit for the erratic behavior of a smoke alarm. The smoke detector will warn you that you need to change the batteries in it by going off constantly. It is nothing to be completely alarmed by but at the same time, you should get a new set of batteries

for your alarm at the first possible opportunity.

Dirt, dust, dead insects, and other problematic particles is another reason why your smoke detector may not be going off properly. You should consult the official manual on the procedure to clean the detector. You should ensure that the detector can properly see the smoke as it is.

Some smoke detectors are sensitive to steam from cooking. If you are cooking and you have a smoke detector in the distance, it is a good idea to keep a window open. That way the smoke detector will not go off unless you start burning down the kitchen which is likely a good reason for it to go off. Alternatively there are some instances where steam from bath water or even cigarette smoke can set off your smoke detector alarm, depending on how sensitive it is.

Then in the end, there are times where your smoke detector alarm has a defect in it or is just broken. It is the nature of technology where at times things just stop working. A replacement will be needed as soon as possible for the safety of your family.

Fire safety is important and having a smoke alarm that works properly and alerts you of danger when it should will go a long way with your safety and health. 

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