Wwf Attitude Era Series Part 52: Wwf Sunday Night Heat 8/16/98

It is time to continue the review of the WWF Attitude Era for Sunday Night Heat for August 16th 1998. On this show, X-Pac and Triple H of DeGeneration X take on Southern Justice and Kane and Mankind make their first defense of the WWF Tag Team Titles. Plus all of the hype for WWF Summerslam 1998, two weeks from this day in Part 52 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF Sunday Night Heat 8/16/98

WWF Tag Team Champions Mankind and Kane defeated Droz and Animal

Hawk is still indisposed after the events of the past couple of weeks. There is some

tension between Mankind and Kane as of recent weeks but they are the WWF Tag Team Title holders. The devious duo of Kane and Mankind hung onto the WWF Tag Team Titles, with Kane using the Tombstone Piledriver to obliterate Road Warrior Animal for the pin.

Jacqueline and Marc Mero are not too happy with Sable. Sable declares that she can beat Jacqueline in anything she wants, thus setting up something for the future.

Edge defeated Brian Christopher

Edge continues to look solid, with Brian Christopher getting a few moments to shine. Dustin Runnels parades in a crowd, with a sign with the words “HE IS COMING” written on it. Edge gets the win, taking down Brian Christopher with the Downward Spiral.

Bart Gunn defeated Vader via disqualification

The Godfather will take on Bart Gunn in the Brawl for All the next night on RAW. Vader is at the end of his road in WWF, after suffering the knockout punch by Bart Gunn. The Godfather spares him, interfering and attacking Bart Gunn.

Gangrel pinned Scott


Debut of Gangrel in WWF, the former Vampire Warrior and of course the long time husband of Luna Vachon, real name David Heath. This is a showcase for Gangrel first and foremost. Gangrel spikes down Scott Taylor with the DDT.

Tiger Ali Singh and Abu or Babu, but not Sabu, have their segment, with a fan getting money to eat a nightcrawler. The worm, not the X-Men character. Somewhere a young Boogeyman is taking notes furiously.

X-Pac and Triple H defeated Southern Justice via disqualification

Both of these teams were going through the motions to set up the inevitable Jeff Jarrett interference, as he clocks X-Pac for the cheap disqualification. X-Pac is beaten down in the ring and Jeff Jarrett tries to cut X-Pac’s air, but he is foiled in his efforts. The New Age Outlaws make the save.

The Undertaker is not happy with Stone Cold Steve Austin and her comes Austin but here comes Kane. Austin is on the ramp between the Undertaker and Kane, as Sunday Night Heat goes off the air.

What will happen now leading to Summerslam 1998? Find Out in Part 53 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

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