Young Justice Episode 9 Bereft

After all of these months, we step into the long awaited review of Young Justice Episode 9, Bereft. It has been a long time in the making that I have had a chance to sit down and take a look at this episode, which first aired all the way back on March 11 2011 on Cartoon Network. Let’s delve into Young Justice Episode 9 Bereft.

Young Justice Episode 9 Bereft.


I don’t really know what I thought about this episode. Actually a lot of times, I think I enjoy this show but there are other times where I can’t commit to being

completely excited. And I have no idea why.

Still this was a fairly enjoyable episode, as it I didn’t think it sucked. Was it a fairly enjoyable episode because I thought it was good? Ummm…well you’re mileage may greatly vary on that one.

Six months is a long time. No I’m not talking about how long it took to do this review but rather you can have a lot of memories in six months. You could potentially meet a lot of people, forge connections, and perhaps learn some valuable life lessons in just a period of six months.

What if the last six months were ripped from your mind?

That’s what happened to our team of Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Miss Martian, Artemis, and Superboy. The last six months, pretty much the entire time they are a team…poof gone.

I think that we have a problem.

Especially when you technically didn’t exist six months ago. In the case, of Superboy, who is pretty much been rendered to mindless, absolute rage. He’s a weapon with no human memories, no human recollections, and it’s just a rather bad time.

Artemis, having six months stripped away from her memories, that leads to some interesting consequences. Most likely how she thought that her dad had told her to kill Kid Flash. But why? She naturally tries to backtrack on this one later. Granted, us comic book nerds know the score, but for those who do not, curious and curiouser. And she wants to know how she got in that absurd outfit. Kid Flash isn’t touching that one. But he is apparently touching himself…to activate the stealth mode of his suit. Which leads to some funny dialogue.

I did enjoy

that because of his superfast metabolism, it’s pointed out that Kid Flash needs constant food to run.

Then we got Miss Martian, who was still on Mars as of six months ago, but manages to piece everything together, along with the minds of her teammates. Although much later, as Aqualad is dying due to lack of water. But don’t worry, he gets better.

As for the villain in this episode, the man who made them forget, is a long time DC villain by the name of Psimon. A long time foe of the Teen Titans in the comic books, this is his biggest appearance of note, only being a side note in the hordes of villains in season 5 of the Teen Titans cartoon. He has mental abilities, including the ability to wipe at least six months worth of memories. Sounds like someone I’d want on my side if I was a politician. Naturally the P is silent, so it’s pronounced Simon. He wipes the team’s memories with…PSIMON SAYS FORGET!

Thought the fight scenes in the astral plane level were fairly cool but I’m a sucker for things like that.

Speaking of things that I’m a sucker for…DARKSEID! Or at least a hint, with the boom tube being the Light’s new delivery system.

So score for this episode, 6.5/10, I guess, maybe 7/10. I don’t know. This leads into Episode 10, which officially aired on September 16th 2011, but I reviewed it months ago when it leaked on the Internet. We’re return with Episode 11, hopefully in a timely manner. As for me not doing this review when it aired….PSIMON SAYS FORGET

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