Young Justice Episode 43 The Hunt

Young Justice Episode 43 was titled “The Hunt”. In this episode, a rag tag group of misfits were sent by Lex Luthor to retrieve the team. They get a little help from Arsenal along the way. Meanwhile, the Reach’s position might not be that secure. Young Justice Episode 43 “The Hunt” first aired on the DC Nation on February 23rd 2013 on Cartoon Network, and is Episode 17 of Young Justice Invasion.

Young Justice Episode 43 “The Hunt” Review.

So what did this reviewer think of Young Justice Episode 43 “The Hunt”? We’re coming down to the wire, and things are getting

a bit tense on this show. The team is mostly captured on War World, and it seems like Arsenal is playing tag with the Reach soldiers. Meanwhile, Lex sends his team of misfits in to get the team out. Of course, this is all a Light plan to get their hands on the crystal key. Meanwhile Miss Martian and Nightwing try and run interference, and talk about their mutual guilt, involving Nightwing keeping secrets and Miss Martian not delving deeper into Blue Beetle’s mind.

So this episode was action packed. Arsenal really was the focus of this one again, and his plan to free Mongul just as a

distraction for Black Beetle was great. His reckless actions got him kicked off the team, but he’s with the band of outcasts, who have decided to divorce themselves from Lex Luthor, and go off on their own, it seems.

The most interesting part of this episode was G. Gordon Godfrey catching the Reach with their pants down in a lie, and calling them on it. Say what you want about Godfrey, but he really pulls no punches, and pulls no favors. The Light has the crystal key, and we are really heating up to the home stretch for this show.

Really, watch this episode, it is highly recommended. If you missed this episode of Young Justice, it is re-airing on Sunday Morning February 24th, 2013, at 10:30 AM Eastern Time on Cartoon Network.

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Young Justice Episode 2x17 “The Hunt” airing on Cartoon Network on February 23rd 2013.

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