Young Justice Episode 3 Welcome To Happy Harbor

Welcome to the review of the first ever non pilot episode of the DC Animated cartoon Young Justice, which airs on Cartoon Network at 8:00 PM Eastern time. This is entitled Welcome to Happy Harbor.

Young Justice Episode 3: Welcome to Happy Harbor

I'll be honest, when I watched the pilot of Young Justice all those months back, I had this weird feeling that I didn't think that this would be an animated super hero series that I would enjoy as much as others. Now do not get me wrong, I do not hate this show. I just feel like it is

a solid, a fun way to spend a half of an hour, but really, not feeling it right now. Then again, we're only three episodes into this show, so I should really give it a chance to flesh some things out and I will.

I do like the characters. I do like the interaction between the characters. I have no idea what is not tying them together to make this an epic cartoon so far and that in fact is bugging me. And there will be Teen Titans comparisons, it is inevitable, but Teen Titans was quite a different cartoon then most comic book adaptations.

There were things that I did enjoy in this episode. Robin's sunglasses that never seemed to come off. Kid Flash and his shameless flirting with Miss Martin. And there was a decent enough villain fight all things considered. Along with some set up for

things to come.

Speaking of Miss Martian, her character is cute, although I can see it having the potential of being very annoying very quickly if the people on this show are not careful. And yes, its obviously not going to be hard to see some perils between her and Starfire from Teen Titans.

Superboy is angsty and dark. Not without good reason but I think I'll be very annoyed if this goes on for much more then a season.

Mr. Twister(the villain of this episode) sounds like a cheesy Silver Age villain mainly because he was in fact a cheesy Silver Age villain. He kind of was a bit over the top at times but not too bad.

This is going to be one of those cartoons that is very much wait and see how the plot develops. As for a grade I'll give this one a 6/10 for the moment. Not bad, but I think that time will either flesh this show out or make it more frustrating for me to watch. Perhaps I'm being unfair expecting an Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes or Justice League Unlimited or even Teen Titans or X-Men Evolution style quality. Still I can't help but judge this based on what I have seen.

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