Young Justice Episode 26 Auld Acquaintances Review

It is time for the finale of the first Season of Young Justice, entitled Auld Acquaintances. In this episode, the team is forced to go up against the mind controlled Justice League, in their toughest battle to date. Young Justice Episode 26 Auld Acquaintances first aired as part of the DC Nation on Cartoon Network on April 21st 2012.

Young Justice Episode 26 Auld Acquaintances Review

Last week was a good episode as we all know but how did this week’s episode deliver? It really did depend on how high your expectations in the run up for this episode. I think that

there are sometimes where we raise our expectations to be rather too high and it tends to sometimes go off of the rails.

With that being said, I enjoyed this episode but I think that it might have been a half of a notch below last week’s. It just seemed a bit rushed in a couple of parts. And being a half of a notch below last week’s episode of Young Justice, given how awesome that episode is, there is no shame in that.

Red Arrow is the mole, an unwilling one, and also a clone, of the original Roy Harper, who is the Cadmus Labs. Well unless you read the spoilers that were floating on line, I doubt many people would have seen that one coming. Vandal Savage has infiltrated the league and has used them for their own purposes, but thankfully Red Tornado managed to override the program to cause him to be short circuited.

Savage’s motivations about being against the League were rather interesting, and they do make sense for someone like him. I think that other members of the Light might have varying motivations and obviously only a fool will see that they had some own agendas.

Some great fight scenes, leading to the team finally taking down the Justice League, with Vandal Savage and Klarion (who

was taking a bit too much joy in controlling them). And it’s New Years Day and everyone pairs off and kisses.

I’m sure some fan girls and fan boys will be very happy about some things that happened in that scene, while others will not be all that happy. I’ll just go over in the corner with Red Tornado and ponder about the customs of humanity and how they confuse me.

Finally, after an awkward season, Superman finally accepts Superboy and is pleased with his choice of secret identity. I think I was personally happy about that one, because deadbeat dad Superman reminds me a bit too much of Superman Returns and that’s not a good place for me to be.

Meanwhile some of the members of the Justice League were not accounted for during sixteen hours. What could they have done? That ends the season.

To give this one a rating is tricky, but considering I found this one to be about a half a notch below last week, 9/10 seems like a fair and just rating. Overall the first season took about half of the season to really captivate me too much but it hit the ground rolling. Looking forward to Season 2 of Young Justice. We’re going to jump right in next week. You can watch this episode if you missed it and make your own judgment at 10:30 AM Eastern Time on Cartoon Network on Sunday Morning or if you have Cartoon Network On Demand.

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