Young Justice Episode 22 Agendas

It is now time for my review of Young Justice Episode 22 Agendas. In this episode, we return to Project Cadmus, with another Superman Clone, Project Match going against Superboy. Lex Luthor is involved and when Luthor is involved, nothing can be good. Young Justice Episode 22 Agendas first aired on Cartoon Network as part of the DC Nation on March 24th 2012.

Young Justice Episode Episode 22 Agendas

This essentially was a Superboy episode. Other members of the team were briefly featured, but this is about Superboy returning to Project Cadmus when Lex Luthor informs him that there is yet another

clone of Superman there. Which was the first clone of Superman, an attempt at using Kryptonian DNA without any Human DNA, an attempt that did not turn out for the better. It leads to Match which is essentially just a crazed clone, who keeps beating up Superboy. And keeps smacking poor Wolf around as well.

Meanwhile the Justice League is meeting for the possibility of new members. I do love the fact that Guy Gardner gets shut down immediately by the other two Green Lanterns without another word. But the problem of Captain Marvel, technically being a ten year old boy is talked about and there is some consideration about him being voted out. Should anyone have been surprised that Batman is the only one that knew? Batman knows everything and Wonder Woman calling Batman on the carpet about training Robin to be a crime fighter at the age of nine. While the Bat’s reasons are sound as always, it does sound bad without his line of thought.

The fight between Superboy and Match was insanity without much substance. Granted a good fight

is something that I enjoy as much as the next person. And it did take me off guard when Match burned the Superman emblem right into his chest. Backwards, which makes sense as it is done off of the mirror.

As it turns out, Superboy is half human. We should have all knew where this was going, but Lex Luthor gives him shields to block out his human side so he can match, Match as a gift. Of course, he uses them, which you just know is going to come back to haunt him in the end. Lex Luthor never does anything out of the kindness. Match is defeated and put back on ice, which is for the best, even if the original intention was to liberate him from Cadmus.

As comic book readers know, Superboy has half of Superman’s DNA and half of it is Lex Luthor. And Lex Luthor manages to shut down Superboy with two words, “red sun.” Just imagine what else he can do. That is the question that is raised by Superboy.

While this episode was not one of my favorites, it was still pretty good. 7/10 for the latest episode of Young Justice. You can watch Young Justice Episode 22 Agendas if you have Cartoon Network on demand and don’t forget to watch new episodes of Young Justice on Saturday Mornings at 10:30 AM Eastern Time as part of the DC Nation animated block.

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