Young Justice Episode 20 Coldhearted

It is time to review Young Justice Episode 20 Coldhearted.. In this episode, Kid Flash is tasked with a very important heart transplant, but he runs into Vandal Savage and Count Vertigo along the way. Can he make it in time before time runs out? Young Justice Episode 20 Coldhearted aired as part of the DC Nation Block on Cartoon Network on March 10th 2012.

Young Justice Episode 20 Coldhearted

There was a Teen Titans short that was on before this. It was kind of glorious. The Superman in Tokyo short was kind of meh but the DC Nation shorts are going

to be rather hit and miss.

Kid Flash is the main focus in this episode and he does get a fair deal of character development in this one, and perhaps matures just a little bit. Whether or not it sticks past this episode, well we shall see but it was good to say the very least. There is a lot of weird weather where most of the team and the Justice League has to deal with, but Kid Flash has the most important task of all, running a heart transplant for the ten year old Queen Perdita of Vlatvia.

Throughout the early part of this episode, Kid Flash seems a bit annoyed with what he is tasked with, while of the others are dealing with the ice fortresses, but it slowly dawns on him how important the mission is. He has a fight with Vandal Savage, but Kid Flash slowly realizes that he is wasting time,

distracting him from the importance of the mission. But when he arrives, the girl is said to be dead.

This is a ruse for Count Vertigo to take the very important heart transplant that was meant for his own niece, so he can take control of Vlatvia and become essentially untouchable. Kid Flash frantically fights, just managing to get the heart in time. There was another bit of a fake out but it turns out, it was to get Count Vertigo to admit his attempted Regicide. Off to Belle Reve for you.

I thought overall this was a good character building episode for Kid Flash. He was the main focus on the episode and he showed that he can step up in an important situation. I just hope that this development will stick. His fruitless pursuit of Miss Martian should end, when Artemis finally clued him in that Superboy and Miss Martian were a couple. Wally’s reaction, was priceless.

So I enjoyed this episode. 9/10 as it was not perfect but a rather important character building episode. You can watch Young Justice Episode 20 Coldhearted if you have Cartoon Network on demand or on their official website. And you can watch new episodes of Young Justice at 10:30 AM Eastern Time on Cartoon Network as part of the DC Nation Block

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