Young Justice Episode 18 Secrets

Young Justice Episode 18 Secrets aired on November 18th 2011 on Cartoon Network. On Halloween, Artemis and Zatanna are out on the town, but a mysterious figure known as Harm attacks them. A young girl aides them, leading to a disturbing secret about how Harm came to be becoming known.

Young Justice Episode 18 Secrets

Airing a Halloween type episode in November, first of all, that’s not a fault of this cartoon, just Cartoon Network and their questionable scheduling.

Poor Captain Marvel, wanting to be included. That part made me chuckle. He’s going trick or treating and he’s not going to share any

of his candy.

And poor Kid Flash as well, you are so oblivious it’s not even funny, my friend. Then again, Artemis doesn’t seem to be much better, given the fact that Zatanna inadvertently did spill the beans about Miss Martian and Superboy, because she thought it was obvious. Leading to a girl’s night on the talent, as opposed to going the Halloween dance, and then the disturbing revelation that was this episode.

We did have some ongoing discussion about the mole. I think that either at this point, Sportsmaster is a no good lying SOB or there might be more than one mole. That would be an interesting twist to say the very least. There could be one intentional traitor and one unintentional or both unintentional. The point about Superboy and what Cadmus might have programmed into him, and leave Batman to bring up some of

the more paranoid points. Artemis is way too obvious at this point, which could make her not obvious by being too obvious, which would make her the logical choice once again. Then again, I’m just going to have to sit back and see.

The Halloween dance stuff with the Martian invasion prank was silly but fun in its own way. And the guy wearing the Harley Quinn costume will be in my nightmares.

The actual crux of this episode was Harm, a rather interesting character. Given what he did to purify himself. His detachment from everything to get a sword was kind of crazy, especially what he had to do. And that being killing his little sister, who appears as a ghost in this episode, that can only utter the word “secret”. Her appearance shows that Harm is not as detached as he would like to think and Artemis and Zatanna manage to beat him.

This episode was just one of those episodes where it’s a nice thirty minutes but not something that would knock my socks completely off. Other than the disturbing aspects of this episode. Let’s give Young Justice Episode 18 Secrets a 7/10.

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