X-men Black Sun Issue 5 Review

It is now time to dip into the Random Comic Book Box of Doom™ and pull out another rissue. This time, we will be reviewing X-Men Black Sun Issue 5 Final Spell: Case the Magik. With Belasco having acquired all five of the bloodstones he needs, his plans are about to come true. Can anyone stop him now?

X-Men Black Sun Issue 5 Review

This is the fifth of five issues of the X-Men Black Sun Limited Series Event, put out by Marvel Comics in November 2000 with Chris Claremont writing, Pablo Raimondi as the penciller, Jason Martin on Ink, Pop Visuals

on lettering, and Tom Smith right on colors.

This is it, the big one, the one that we have all been waiting for, the final issue of this five issue event. Does it disappoint? No actually it does not in many ways. I’m sure there might be many X-Men fans who rather get a sense of a been there, done that sort of thing and the fact that bringing X-Men too far beyond the human-mutant conflict is a huge point of contention.

However, with that being said, was this issue necessarily a bad one? Absolutely not, it was far from bad and it had its moments. It was a perfect way to wrap it up and after four issues, going on the fifth one, it can be somewhat of a letdown if things do not really end well.

Yet there is no let down

for this issue. Throughout the limited series, there have been many ups and many downs, and perhaps the quality of the X-Men might not have been quite of what it was in the past.

Despite being an extremely powerful demon, Belasco seems to have one underlying quality that is a flaw for all villains. Pure and utter arrogance, which is something that will be the unraveling of his plans. And he gives the key of how to break the spell. Smooth Belasco, just rather smooth.

Things wrap up right to the end, as our heroes triumph and free the souls of the captured X-Men. It does not come without any pain and not without any problems as the readers of this issue will see. They will be recovering, as Magik spins off to her own adventures. Figures Marvel wouldn’t miss a beat to use a limited series to set up another comic book.

In the end, this limited series was enjoyable and you will enjoy it depending on what you view your X-Men as.

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