X-men Black Sun Issue 3

It is now time to dip right into the Random Comic Book Box of Doom™ and review another issue. This time on the pile is X-Men Black Sun Issue 3 entitled “Third Spell: Bare Your Claws”. In this comic book Wolverine, Iceman, and Polaris get pulled into this, when demons posing as Sunfire and Banshee attack them.

X-Men Black Sun Issue 3 Review

This issue was released by Marvel Comics in November 2000 and the third of five issues of the X-Men Black Sun Mini Series with Chris Claremont on the story, Roy Thomas on the Script, Karl Waller on art, Pop

Visuals on Lettering, Tom Smith on colors.

The third of five issues, and we continue to heat up in the end game. These times the demons are Banshee and Sunfire or at least those borrowing their bodies for a test drive. The next two of the original X-Men that get involved are Iceman and Polaris, members of the team dating back to the original team in the 1960s back during the initial and rather failed X-Men run.

Polaris sacrifices her soul for Iceman but it appears to be all for nothing. Magik pops up and goes to once again use the Soulsword, but

Wolverine pops up. Obviously, Wolverine through his keen senses knows that this Magik is not the original one. Despite all that, Wolverine manages to trust her and agree to help her.

So this was the mid point of this limited series and really, the previous two issues had a bit more to them than this issue. Do not get me wrong, I still enjoyed this issue, but there was just something about it that fell rather short. The characters were good, there was still some good visuals. It is just like Bloodlines all over again, where the X-Men that are featured rather determine your enjoyment of the issue.

At least it did to me but like many limited series, all issues are really meant to be read together in one go for the best experience. We’ll see what issue 4 brings us.

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