Wwf Wrestlemania Xv

WWF Wrestlemania XV took place on March 28th 1999 from the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The show was headlined by the long awaited World Wrestling Federation Championship Match between Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock. Plus Big Bossman and Undertaker lock horns in Hell in a Cell and Shane McMahon puts the WWF European Championship on the line against X-Pac. This is Part 122 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF Wrestlemania XV Results.

Hardcore Holly recaptured the Hardcore Title against Al Snow and Billy Gunn when Holly stole Gunn’s pin on Al Snow.

WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart

and Jeff Jarrett kept the titles over Test and D’Lo Brown when Jarrett pinned D’Lo with help from Owen Hart.

Butterbean knocked out Bart Gunn in about thirty seconds in the Brawl for All.

Mankind defeated the Big Show via disqualification when Show choke slammed Mankind through two chairs.

Road Dogg retained the WWF Intercontinental Title against Ken Shamrock, Val Venis, and Goldust in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match last eliminating Goldust.

Kane defeated Triple H via disqualification when Chyna nailed Kane with a chair and rejoined DX.

Sable retained the WWF Women’s Championship against Tori with help from Nicole Bass.

Shane McMahon retained the WWF European Championship over X-Pac when Chyna and Triple H interfered, and joined the Corporation.

The Undertaker won a Hell in a Cell Match with the Big Bossman with the Tombstone Piledriver.

Stone Cold Steve Austin won the World Wrestling Federation Championship for the third time beating the Rock with the Stone Cold Stunner.

WWF Attitude Era Series Part 122: WWF Wrestlemania XV Review.

So Wrestlemania, the biggest event of the year, but in 1999 it was just not lighting my world on fire. When the second best match of the night features a non-wrestler in Shane McMahon, that really does tell you all that you need to know about this show.

The main event was solid, but a bit overbooked. The two later Austin/Rock Mania matches would be much better. Austin captured the title finally after chasing it for the better part of six months. No offense to Mick Foley, but it would have been a bit stronger if Rock would have held the title straight since November.

The Intercontinental and Hardcore Title reverse

switches lead to some messy match. That four way match in particular was rushed. Shamrock and Val Venis, despite being the huge feud for a while, just brawl out casually. The Hardcore Championship Match will good, although Billy Gunn holding the belt for thirteen days was the epitome of useless.

Chyna went from heel to face to heel in about an hour. Kane against Triple H had some decent build but the actual match left much to be desired. A chairshot from Chyna put down Kane. Pete Rose dressing as the chicken and trying to attack Kane to avenge himself from last year was the highlight of this match.

The Women’s Division in 1999 was over in popularity, but the in ring action left something to be desired. Sable picked up the win when Nicole Bass made her debut for her ill-fated WWF run.

That Butterbean squash job is remembered by all. Bart Gunn goes down hard. Gorilla Monsoon makes his final appearance six months before his death looking rather sickly as a judge. It was good to see the legendary Gorilla get one final Wrestlemania payday.

Undertaker has his second worse Wrestlemania match ever. Big Bossman ends up being hung from the top of the Hell in a Cell.

Wrestlemania XV wasn’t the absolute worse, but it had some questionable matches and booking decisions leading to and at the show. Rock/Austin and Shane/X-Pac were the two best matches of the night.

Wrestlemania is over, and the WWF Attitude Era Series continues with Part 123 with WWF RAW is WAR for March 29th 1999.

WWF Attitude Era Series Parts.

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