Wwf Sunday Night Heat 10/11/98

The WWF Attitude Era Series continues with Sunday Night Heat for October 11th 1998, featuring a rare appearance for Stone Cold Steve Austin on Heat as he takes on the WWF European Champion D'Lo Brown in a non title match. This is Part 70 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF Attitude Era Series Part 70: Sunday Night Heat 10/11/98

Jacqueline retained the WWF Women's Championship over Starla Saxton

Saxton is of course the future Molly Holly but right now, she is a warm body being brought in for Jacqueline's first title defense. Jacqueline wins the match handily. After the match, Sable runs

out and rumbles with Jacqueline to continue their feud.

Kaientai of Dick Togo, MEN'S Teioh, Funaki, and TAKA Michinoku defeated Too Much of Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor and the Hardy Boyz of Matt and Jeff Hardy

Eight man tag team match, with Too Much and the Hardy Boyz having a rather shaky alliance and the Hardy Boyz have been having problems with Kai En Tai on Heat in recent weeks. Too short to be anything of substance. Teioh pins Taylor and Too Much and the Hardy Boyz have words.

Edge defeated Vader

This is the final countdown for Vader in the World Wrestling Federation. He does get a fair bit of offense but Edge swoops in and Downward Spiral gets the pin. So long Vader, off to Japan with you, good sir.

Al Snow defeated Ken Shamrock via disqualification

Not that much of a match, with Shamrock having the ankle lock on Snow, refusing to break in the ropes. Too Cold Scorpio gets beaten up

until Mankind makes the save for real. Chair in hand and Shamrock wants no part of the deranged Mankind.

Road Dogg refuses to talk about the Billy Gunn situation but he has some unfinished business to resolve with Jeff Jarrett.

Steven Regal squeezes his own orange juice because he's a real man's man.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Road Dogg via disqualification

A brief match ends with Road Dogg nailing Jarrett with his own guitar.

Recap of the recent fun and games involving Dr. Austin.

Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated D'Lo Brown

A glorified squash at the hands of Stone Cold Steve Austin hitting the Stone Cold Stunner on D'Lo. One to Mark Henry and Stone Cold stands tall.

Triple H has not defended the WWF Intercontinental Title in thirty days due to a knee injury, so he's been stripped of the title. On the next RAW, there will be an eight man tournament. Plus all of the hype to Judgment Day in six days time. That will be in Part 71 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

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