Wwf Sunday Night Heat 09/27/98

It is now time to continue the WWF Attitude Era Series for Sunday Night Heat, just sixty minutes away from Breakdown 1998. Just sixty minutes before his huge match with Kane and the Undertaker for the WWF World Championship, Stone Cold Steve Austin is to be thrown into a cage against Mark Henry. We continue to review the WWF Attitude Era with Part 65 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF Attitude Era Series Part 65: WWF Sunday Night Heat 9/27/98

Vince McMahon announces that a return match from RAW will take place between Ken Shamrock, the Rock, and Mankind, still for

the number one contendership for the title after Breakdown, but also within the confines of a steel cage. If anyone helps Austin, he will be stripped of the title.

Michael Cole is trying to get a word with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin is obviously avoiding him because he’s Michael Cole.

Golga defeated Mosh

Last Monday, the Headbangers destroyed the Oddities. Now on Heat, Golga tries to gain a measure of revenge in a one on one match with Mosh. Not the most technically sound of matches, with Mosh really giving it a go, but Golga puts him down for the pin.

There is some kind of scandal as Triple H has been taken out backstage, with his knee being destroyed by use of a pipe.

Mark Henry makes his way out to the ring, registering his disappointing that his scheduled WWF Intercontinental Title Match with Triple H at Breakdown 1998. Mr. McMahon saunters out and offers Henry a consolation prize, a tune up match for the World Wrestling Federation Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin against the World’s Strongest Man inside a steel cage. Henry is happy about this.

The Hardy Boyz defeated Kai En Tai.

This is the full time WWF debut of the Hardy Boyz, who were off

and on enhancement talent over the last full years. Matt and Jeff Hardy take on MEN’S Teioh and Funaki of Kai En Tai. Short sprint of a match but the match was fun. Jeff Hardy pins Funaki with a double team legdrop/splash with help from his brother.

Still no Austin.

8-Ball defeated Skull and Billy Gunn

This is punishment from Billy Gunn who teamed up with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and a preview to come for Austin. The DOA batter Billy Gunn from pillar to post and get the pin with a double team side slam. Jeff Jarrett and Southern Justice take out Road Dogg and X-Pac, as it will be the Outlaws and X-Pac against Jeff Jarrett and Southern Justice at Breakdown.

The match between Mark Henry and Stone Cold Steve Austin does not happen as Chyna destroys Mark Henry with a pipe. Then Vince McMahon is trapped in the cage by Stone Cold Steve Austin, disguised as a ring crew member. Austin destroys Vince, with Undertaker and Kane taking some time to get into the cage. As always, there is tension, as Vince McMahon is not too happy that the Brothers of Destruction did not save him quicker. McMahon guarantees Austin will lose the belt in the Triple Threat Match at Breakdown.

Will Mr. McMahon’s words come true? Tune into Part 66 of the WWF Attitude Era Series, Breakdown to find out.

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