Wwf Sunday Night Heat 09/20/98

It is now time for WWF Sunday Night Heat for September 20th 1998, as the WWF Attitude Era Series continues with Part 63. In this episode, we will see the DOA take on the Brothers of Destruction of Kane and the Undertaker. Plus, in six man tag team action, DeGeneration X of Billy Gunn, Triple H, and X-Pac take on Owen Hart, Jeff Jarrett, and the WWF European Champion D’Lo Brown. It is time to watch WWF Sunday Night Heat 9/20/98 and review all of the highlights.

WWF Attitude Era Series Part 63: WWF Sunday Night Heat 9/20/98

Mankind defeated Dustin Runnels


has his two new chums, the Rock and Ken Shamrock with him and scores a quick win over Dustin Runnels with the Mandible Claw. Then Val Venis comes out, to taunt Dustin Runnels with another video, with Terri, as Dustin looks rattled.

Undertaker and Kane are backstage, to have words, but Mankind, Rock, and Ken Shamrock attack. The attack is broken up with Vince McMahon getting knocked down right in the scuffle. Kane and Undertaker acquire sledgehammers to chase off the attackers.

Vince McMahon is back and yelling at Mankind, before suggesting that he take his friends nad leave.

Jacqueline scored the win over Luna Vachon

Fair enough match short as it was. Jacqueline pulls out the figure four on Luna Vachone to make her tap out. Jacqueline then challenges Sable for a match the next night, this time a wrestling match, as opposed to an evening gown match.

Jeff Jarrett, D’Lo Brown, and Owen Hart defeated Billy Gunn, X-Pac, and Triple H

This was a rocking six man tag team match, with lots of action packed right into the five minutes. D’Lo Brown scores the pin on X-Pac, which sets up their great feud over the next month or so. Mark Henry also shows

up to attack Triple H to set up a feud between the two, at least in theory.

Al Snow is messing with the production of the show backstage, to get the attention of WWF officials.

Edge defeated TAKA Michinoku

Edge wins in less than a minute. Could have been a solid enough match given the time. Gangrel helps Edge fight off an attack from the rest of Kaientai, with some cryptic words about how Edge will be coming home.

Al Snow is arrested, and we have a Boot Camp Match set up between Al Snow and Sgt. Slaughter the next night on RAW, where Snow will get his job back. Then Slaughter lays a beating on Snow.

Undertaker and Kane defeated the DOA

A decisive win by Kane and the Undertaker over the DOA. Tombstone gets the win and the Brothers look strong leading up to their Triple Threat Match with Stone Cold Steve Austin at Breakdown.

The road to Breakdown continues with RAW for September 21st, featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin and a mystery partner against Undertaker and Kane, Mankind squaring off against Ken Shamrock and the Rock in a Triple Threat Match, and Jacqueline versus Sable featuring the return of the WWF Women’s Title. All this and more in Part 64 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

All Parts of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

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