Wwf Raw Is War 11/23/98

On WWF RAW is WAR for November 23rd 1998, Mankind would have to defend his WWF Hardcore Championship against Ken Shamrock and the Big Bossman. Plus an update on the condition of Stone Cold Steve Austin after the Undertaker attacked him with a shovel. And a new WWF Commissioner will be announced. The World Wrestling Federation rolls towards the end of 1998 with Part 84 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF Attitude Era Series Part 84: WWF RAW is WAR 11/23/98

First a very brief look at what was going on in WCW, in the competition. Although the term competition is

on shaky ground as WCW was struggling with being knocked off of the pedestal.

WCW World War III

Kevin Nash won World War 3, which was step one to what some felt was the beginning of the end for World Championship Wrestling. Two matches, Scott Hall versus Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner versus Rick Steiner were promoted and never happened.

On WCW Nitro 11/23/98

Kevin Nash buried Wrath. Goldberg obliterated the Giant. This leads to Starrcade 1998, with Kevin Nash versus Goldberg. The beginning of the end is nearer. Kidman against Rey Mysterio was likely good. Dean Malenko and Bret Hart had the match where Bret Hart suffered a groin pull and Malenko didn't apologize according to Bret in his book, which cause the Hitman to lose respect for Malenko.

WWF RAW is WAR 11/23/98

Recap of Stone Cold Steve Austin collapsing at a house show the previous evening.

Here comes the Corporation. The usual really long opening segment that was the staple of WWF and WWE for years and years. Vince McMahon announces a brand new commissioner, replacing Sgt. Slaughter, and this commissioner has jurisdiction over any World Wrestling Federation Superstar, except for Stone Cold Steve Austin. That man is Shawn Michaels. Big ovation for Michaels, as he announces that the Rock will defend the World Wrestling Federation Championship against X-Pac later tonight. Just like Shawn to go to bat for a member of the Kliq.

The Oddities battle the Headbangers to a no contest

This was scheduled to be the Insane Clown Posse against the Headbangers, but the Clowns bow out, leading to this tag team feud that just won't die, to continue. And ICP Russo Swerve Kurrgan and Golga, turning on them. Silva gets beaten down as well and Luna Vachon gets her hair cut, the fiends. The Headbangers and the Insane Clown Posse are now aligned.

Steve Blackman defeated the Blue Blazer

Blackman thrashes the Blue Blazer, but out comes Owen Hart to attack Blackman from behind, thus the Blazer is not Owen underneath the mask.

Gangrel and Edge defeated Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown

The show is not getting off on a good foot so far. Chyna is out, allowing the Brood to score a fluke win. Not too bad, but pretty much nothing. I'll be saying that for a lot of matches between now and about 2000 in this series. Chyna accepts the date and it will happen next week.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is in a hospital bed, ranting about his match with the Undertaker at Rock Bottom and ignores doctors orders. Well so do most professional wrestlers.

Shawn Michaels pals around with the Outlaws and X-Pac. World Wrestling Federation fans with a memory longer than five minutes(in other words, longer than the person writing this), will recall that Shawn Michaels was turfed from DX after Wrestlemania 14, but he's now buddy buddy.

Goldust battled Marc Mero to a no contest

Jacqueline and Terri both get involved, thus forming Pretty Mean Sisters or PMS, because Russo's got to appeal to the fifth grade crowd who goes, "tee hee, he said PMS". Jacqueline low blows Goldust and shattered dreams to Mero by Terri. Yeah this match could have been something but the world will never know.

Stone Cold Steve Austin signs autographs and continues to rant about the Undertaker. A hearse pulls up as more drama will unfold.

Mankind retained the WWF Hardcore Title over Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock

Essentially a handicap match but it is the first match of any substance of the evening and thus

the wrestling of this is above average compared to the rest of the show. The JOB Squad runs in and Al Snow nails Shamrock with Head. Somewhere UFC fans sob into their beers, as this is enough for Mankind to get the pin.

Undertaker attacks Stone Cold Steve Austin, with the help of Paul Bearer. That was really brutal and I'm sure this little bit got flack from at least one parent, with Undertaker trying to smother Austin with a pillow. Ether soaked rag puts out Austin and Austin is going for a ride, his last ride, as Undertaker drags Austin's body out.

Austin is dumped into a hearse.

Duane Gill won the WWF Lightheavyweight Title over Christian

Yes he did.

The Undertaker is trying to bury Austin alive but Austin fights back. They put Austin back under and Undertaker plans to embalm Austin...alive.

Oh, my God, this is when you cross the barrier for wrestling being realistic-fake to cartoon-fake.

This is the absolutely lamest period in the entire history of the Undertaker. And the fact that he's breaking down physically means we won't get any good wrestling.

We're supposed to have the Godfather against Tiger Ali Singh, but Regal comes out and helps Singh lay a beating on the Godfather, until Val Venis makes the save. Thus the team of Supply and Demand is formed.

Scorpio and Bob Holly defeated the WWF Tag Team Champions the New Age Outlaws in a non title match.

I'll take this match, not too bad, but again, a match during this point in the Attitude Era cannot go off without a run in, as Mankind interferes, using the Leaf Blower. Ken Shamrock and Big Bossman attack everyone and Patterson and Brisco talk to the Outlaws, as intrigue continues to build.

We are in the Funeral Home, as the Undertaker prepares to embalm Stone Cold Steve Austin alive. He has Austin's shirt ripped off and a sword, as he is speaking in tongues, and acting all crazy. Kane makes the save and brawls with the Undertaker. Paul Bearer tries to stab Austin with the scissors but Austin blocked it and sent Bearer flying. Austin stumbles out but Undertaker and Kane are brawling.

Who could have thought this was a good idea? No, actually I know who.

WWF Champion the Rock defeated X-Pac

A good match, thank God for that, I'm so sick of all of the Sports Entertainment, Russo infested BS that is infesting this show. X-Pac is made to look like a credible contender, but then again, he's awesome during this period. The Rock grabs a chair but Michaels takes it away only to turn around and Russo Swerve X-Pac, nailing him with a chair. That's the second one in the show and The Rock gets the pin.

The McMahons, Rock, and Shawn Michaels taunt from the ramp with crotch chops.

There were a couple of good matches on this show, that's half of the battle sometimes.

The WWF Attitude Era continues for Sunday Night Heat with Jeff Jarrett taking on Kane and Al Snow and Mankind taking on Ken Shamrock and the Big Bossman. This is Part 85 in the WWF Attitude Series.


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