Wwf Raw Is War 11/02/98

The WWF Attitude Era Series continues for WWF RAW is WAR for November 2nd 1998, where Vince McMahon breaks his silence. Plus the WWF Intercontinental Title is on the line when Ken Shamrock takes on the Rock and the Headbangers take on Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown to declare new number one contenders for the WWF Tag Team Titles in Part 77 of the WWF Attitude Era Series

WWF Attitude Era Series: WWF RAW is WAR 11/2/98

On WCW Nitro 11/2/98

A waste of three hours. Lex Luger and the Giant wrestled in the main event. That was all.

WWF RAW is WAR 11/2/98


segment featuring Shane McMahon saying that Stone Cold Steve Austin will get his title shot the night after Survivor Series. Here comes Vince, who is not stepping down, puts Austin in the Tournament, and busts Shane down to the position of the referee. Fourteen years of Russo hindsight proves that this should have been too obvious that the swerve was in the fix but it was fresh fourteen years ago. Solid opening segment. Also tonight someone gets shoved in the cage with the Big Bossman, for some hard time.

The Brood battled the New Age Outlaws and X-Pac to a no contest

This was approaching something passing for a decent six man tag team match but Kane comes out to destroy all six men.

Vince McMahon has Michael Cole get roughed up by the Big Bossman. This I approve of.

Hawk and Droz battled to a no contest

Hawk is in no condition to compete, because he's drunk. Droz beats on him, Animal is out, and they both brow beat Hawk.

Jim Cornette is the next man to be a victim of Vince's reign of terror.

Al Snow and Mankind are debating about Socko or Head, and also talk about the NBC "Secrets of Pro Wrestling" special that aired. You know, the one with the stunt granny.

The Oddities defeated Al Snow and Mankind

Not too good, Mankind freaks out because Socko is missing and Kurrgan pins Al Snow.

Vince McMahon is backstage and who should randomly show up, just backstage, for no rhyme or reason was Shaquille O'Neil. Yes Shaq himself, talk about a random cameo. He says he doesn't need a backstage pass.

Steven Regal, the Real Man's Man, calls out anyone from the back, any real man and gets Goldust. Regal has his epic facial reactions.

Steven Regal battled Goldust to a no contest

Not as good as their 2009-2010 matches or their 2002 matches, but Regal was kind of out of it. They have a match, Terri Runnels comes out as Marlena to try get back in the good graces of Goldust but he isn't buying it. Kane comes out to destroy both men and Kane goes to choke slam Terri but it is broken up. So Tony Garea gets obliterated by Kane as well.

Undertaker and Kane will get byes in the Survivor Series Tournament, much like Hogan and Andre did.

A segment between Mankind and Vince McMahon which is important, as Vince presents Mankind with a new belt, the WWF Hardcore Championship. Vince says that he lost one son tonight but he gained another and Mick says, "thanks....Dad". Vince's facial expression is ten million

times of epic.

Mr. McMahon is wheeled out and says that if the Rock doesn't win the Intercontinental Title, he is out of the Survivor Series.

The Rock defeated Ken Shamrock via disqualification; Shamrock retains the WWF Intercontinental Title

These two men have always had at least average matches and this one was the match of the evening but that might be faint praise. Shamrock uses a chair on the Rock to get disqualified. The good news, Mr. McMahon says is the Rock wins the match but since he is not the WWF Intercontinental Champion, he is out of the Survivor Series.

The Rock is not too happy.

Val Venis defeated Jeff Jarrett via disqualification

Return match from last night on Sunday Night Heat, but the Blue Blazer gets involved, crotching Venis on the top rope. You know what would be nice? An actual finish!

The Headbangers battled D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry to a no contest when Kane destroyed everyone

Kane pretty much decimates everyone, so no number one contenders.

Owen Hart is confronted by Dan Severn. Owen swears that he is retired. If only and he attacks Severn when he accuses that he is the Blue Blazer. We have a brawl between Steve Blackman and Owen Hart backstage and the Blue Blazer attacks Steve Blackman. The Blue Blazer and Owen Hart beat down Steve Blackman.

It is time for some hard times. The victims are Gerald Brisco, Pat Patterson, and Sgt. Slaughter, due to not backing up Vince McMahon and Bossman beats them up. Stone Cold Steve Austin is out to brawl with the Bossman, who he will face in the Deadly Game Tournament. Shane McMahon is out to try and help Austin and it is chaos as you would expect. Vince calls out the Bossman.

Then here comes the Undertaker to beat up Austin as revenge for costing him the title last month. Kane is out and Kane goes right for the Undertaker. It is chaos with the cage setting on fire.

Some good segments but this RAW does hold up about as well as a man with two broken legs from the in ring standpoint.

The WWF Attitude Era Series continues with Droz against Jeff Jarrett and The Godfather against Marc Mero on Sunday Night Heat November 8th 1998 in Part 78 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF Attitude Era Series.

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