Wwf Raw Is War 10/19/98

The WWF Attitude Era Series continues the night after WWF Judgment Day 1998 with Part 74 of the WWF Attitude Era Series, with WWF RAW is WAR for October 19th 1998. Vince McMahon fired Stone Cold Steve Austin the night before and has a huge announcement for the future of the WWF Championship. Kane takes on the Undertaker in a Casket Match, D'Lo Brown takes on the Rock, and the WWF European Champion X-Pac takes on the WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock in a return match from last week. Plus Stone Cold Steve Austin lurks in the shadows, to get

his unholy revenge in Part 74 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF Attitude Era Series Part 74: WWF RAW is WAR 10/19/98

On WCW Nitro 10/19/98

The go home show on WCW Halloween Havoc 1998, featured Chris Jericho defeating Diamond Dallas Page via disqualification with Goldberg getting involved for some added heat between Goldberg and Diamond Dallas Page. The NWO Wolfpac and NWO Black and White fought in a six man tag team, which was a backdrop for the feud between Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Hollywood Hogan destroyed his own nephew Horace, to send a message to the Ultimate Warrior, and Sting and Bret Hart had another brawl.

WWF RAW is WAR 10/19/98

Vince McMahon is out to announce a sixteen man tournament to declare a brand new World Wrestling Federation Champion at the Survivor Series. Meanwhile Stone Cold Steve Austin is lurking in the shadows, plotting, planning, and he has a gun, to get his vengeance on Mr. McMahon.

Vince McMahon is freaking out, sending the Big Boss Man to get his family to safety, while he has his flunkees guard him.

X-Pac defeated Ken Shamrock

European Champion versus Intercontinental Champion but neither belt is on the line. Both men put together a good match, two of the more solid World Wrestling Federation superstars around this time from a wrestling standpoint. Mankind is in but Shamrock fights him off. Distract leads to X-Pac hitting the X-Factor for the pin. Also Chyna is arrested for the sexual harassment lawsuit by Mark Henry.

The New Age Outlaws argue with the cops. The cops then see Stone Cold Steve Austin, asking for autographs and about his gun. Mr. McMahon is not happy with this development to say the least and yells at the lone officer, who bolts.

The Headbangers defeated Droz and Animal

The Headbangers debut the toy belts, declaring themselves to be the tag team champions of the universe, mocking the New Age Outlaws. Hawk distracts Droz, allowing the Headbangers to score the pin. At least they mixed up the usual tag pairings.

Mankind and Socko are on the case to protect Mr. McMahon.

Undertaker and Paul Bearer are out. Taker set the fire that killed his parents and scarred Kane. At leas the did this week. Of course, Kane's story arc did not become utterly absurd until the days of Katie Vick but this is still Russorific. Kane challenges Undertaker to a Casket Match.

Mankind tries to play Twister with Mr. McMahon but McMahon yells at him and ejects him. Poor Mick. And Vince is all alone.

Steve Blackman defeated Jeff Jarrett via disqualification

This is the official World Wrestling Federation debut of Debra. The Blue Blazer runs out, to attack Blackman for the disqualification. Al Snow is out but the Head is distracted by Debra, thus causing Jarrett to nail Snow with a guitar. Maybe Debra wants...no too easy. Match wasn't much of everything.

Stone Cold Steve Austin torments Mr. McMahon on the telephone.

Mr. McMahon tries to escape but Austin catches him. Austin holds Mr. McMahon hostage, making sure to crash his wheelchair into anything

and everything.

Another segment, with Austin having a gun and a bow and arrow and he asks Mr. McMahon if he has been hunting, thus potentially setting up Mr. McMahon to be the Most Dangerous Game potentially.

The Rock defeated D'Lo Brown

Fair match with the Rock scoring the win with the Rock Bottom. D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry enter the ring and beat down the Rock.

Austin torments Mr. McMahon some more, even with a knife. This is getting right into crazed serial killer territory.

Tiger Ali Singh offers someone $500 to swallow a piece of meat and in comes a woman, who swallows the meat, but she is revealed to be one of the ladies of the Godfather. Singh is not happy about getting a professional and Godfather and Singh brawl. Yep.

Austin continues to torment Mr. McMahon.

Austin tortures Mr. McMahon. I don't remember this storyline being that drawn out and this is kind of mean spirited story telling and borderline uncomfortable.

Val Venis defeated Mankind

Ken Shamrock helped Venis get the win and Terri Runnels whispers something into Val's ear. So it begins.

Austin offers Mr. McMahon a wager, his health bet on predicting the right out come between the Undertaker and Kane. Mr. McMahon under duress picks Kane.

The Undertaker battled Kane to a no contest in a Casket Match

Seriously, Russo? The two men have the usual match, but they destroy the casket. This is proof positive that this is the exact point where the Attitude Era started taking a turn for the absolute worst. And proof that people have overly romanticized memories of the era.

Stone Cold Steve Austin leads Mr. McMahon down to the ring for the end of the show.

To make a long story show, Austin has a toy gun but Mr. McMahon wets himself, with Austin stuffing an envelope in his pocket. Yes, seriously. I thought this was the absolutely lamest chapter of the otherwise awesome Austin and McMahon feud and in fact this entire late 1998 through late 1999 period, no matter how hot and hip wrestling was, sank things down right to the moral sewers.

Really I think we've also reached the point where WCW started to decay at a rapid rate, so Vince McMahon, Vince Russo, and the rest of the WWF was only trying about half as much, because they were number one and hot. So WWF had some rather subtle decay starting around this time, but the sins of it would not be realized until the death of WWF. Granted 2000-early 2001 brought things up a little bit but that entire first three quarters of 1998 was molten based on ifan nterest and quality of storylines.

For better or for worse, the WWF Attitude Era Series continues with Part 75, for Sunday Night Heat, with X-Pac and Mankind taking Ken Shamrock and D'Lo Brown.

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