Wwf Raw Is War 01/11/99

The WWF Attitude Era Series continues with WWF RAW is WAR for January 11th 1999. Mankind defends the World Wrestling Federation Title against Kane and there is a Corporate Royal Rumble for the number thirty spot. All this and more in Part 99 of the WWF Attitude Era Series for WWF RAW is WAR 1/11/99.

WWF Attitude Era Series Part 99: WWF RAW is WAR 1/11/99

On WCW Nitro 1/11/99

Ric Flair hit the ring for a match with Curt Hennig, which Barry Windham and Ric's son David got involved, setting up a tag team match. Kevin Nash destroyed the Giant, in his

final match in WCW before he headed to the World Wrestling Federation as Paul Wight and later the Big Show.

WWF RAW is WAR 1/11/99

DX are out to bring out the new World Wrestling Federation Champion Mankind. Foley comes out, to great fanfare. The Corporation is out and Vince McMahon announces a Corporate Rumble, last man standing being number thirty. Back and forth between Rock and Mankind with Rock wanting his rematch and eventually getting it. It will be Mankind defending the World Wrestling Federation Championship against the Rock at the Royal Rumble in an I Quit Match. Mr. McMahon makes Mankind and Kane for the title official for later.

Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett defeated the New Age Outlaws

Winning team gets a shot at the Big Bossman and Ken Shamrock right down the line for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Titles. Solid enough for the time it got, with Debra interfering and Owen managing to roll up the Road Dogg for the pin. Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett gain a number one contendership status to fight the Corporation.

Duane Gill is now the unstoppable Juggernaut known as Gillberg. This is the first appearance of Gillberg. Look at the fans, they are cheering loudly, just without moving their mouths. The JOB Squad has sparklers. This is obviously low rent, even if it is cool and edgy back in 1999. LOL, we're making fun of Goldberg, aren't we so witty?

Luna Vachon pinned Gillberg

Spear means nothing and Luna hits the splash for the pin. Gillberg is 0-1. Who's first?

Fun and games with the Acolytes and Dennis Knight.

We're supposed to have Ken Shamrock against Val Venis. Shamrock's storyline sister, Ryan, is at ringside. Shamrock is not happy that an adult film star is hitting on his sister so he beats him up. And then Billy Gunn comes out, to show us that there is a full moon tonight. This provokes Shamrock into officially accepting Billy Gunn's challenge for an Intercontinental Title Match.

X-Pac defeated Al Snow to retain the WWF European Title


next match on RAW had some potential. Goldust nails Al Snow with Head, which he had stole the previous evening on Heat. X-Pac nails the X-Factor on Snow and picks up the pin.

Mr. McMahon hypes up Kane for his match, telling him to beat down Mankind.

WWF Champion Mankind battled Kane to a no contest

Kane appears to be on the verge of actually winning the title which the Rock does not want. Rock enters the ring and attacks both men, causing the match to be thrown out. Stone Cold Steve Austin is out to have a face to face with the Rock. Stone Cold Stunners to both Mankind and Kane right in the mean time.

Rock rants about Mankind.

Triple H defeated Edge

In a few years, this match would far more interesting. In this one, pretty much a token squash for Triple H. The Brood attacks after the match and Road Dogg is covered.

Undertaker returns, in full Ministry Mode, with Paul Bearer, the Acolytes, and several druids. Dennis Knight is rechristened Mideon with Undertaker pouring blood into his veins. Yeah, moving right along.

Stupidity with D'Lo Brown, Mark Henry, PMS, Chyna, and Sammy the "Female Friend" of Chyna's that I'm going to cheerfully skip.

On the other hand, Mr. McMahon chasing a chicken, equals awesome and I had to watch it three times.

Corporate Royal Rumble

Featuring Test, Kane, Shamrock, and Bossman against Triple H, X-Pac, Billy Gunn, and Road Dogg. At least at first. As it is down to Bossman and Triple H, Vince McMahon comes out as the surprise entry, knocking both men out. Then Stone Cold comes out to distract Mr. McMahon and then Chyna comes out as another surprise entry to come out and take out Mr. McMahon. Chyna is number thirty in the 1999 Royal Rumble.

Based on the Corporate Royal Rumble, Chyna takes on Mr. McMahon on Sunday Night Heat in an Arm Wrestling Match. This will take place in Part 100 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.


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