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WWF Attitude Era Series Part 55: WWF RAW is WAR 8/24/98
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It is time to continue the run through the WWF Attitude Era Series, with WWF RAW is WAR for August 24th 1998. On this show, Kane takes on Mankind in a Hell in a Cell Match, the finals of the Brawl for All, and all of the lead up to WWF Summerslam 1998, six days from this show. This is WWF RAW is WAR 8/24/98 Part 55 in the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WCW Nitro was just another week of wrestling action, featuring Goldberg and Kevin Nash teaming up in the main event to defeat the team of Hollywood Hogan and Kevin Nash when Goldberg pinned Curt Hennig. Confused? Well its WCW. Also Roddy Piper joined team WCW and Stevie Ray joined the NWO Black and White, just another name in the face.

That was WCW and this is WWF RAW is WAR 8/24/98, Part 55 in the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF RAW is WAR 8/24/98

The Undertaker and Kane are down to the ringside area and Mr. McMahon is out. Mr. McMahon is pretty pleased that he was right about them being on the same side. Undertaker will go onto win the title with Kane’s help. Paul Bearer is out and not happy, so he gets utterly destroyed. Mankind is out and gets beaten down severely as well. Spike Tombstone puts down Mankind in the center of the ring. Stone Cold Steve Austin tries to come out for save and gets stopped by a wall of fire. A hot opening segment, in more ways than one.

Mankind refuses all medical help.

Dan Severn battled Ken Shamrock to a no contest

The big match that we have been hyping for months, is a throw away match. Not a bad throw away, but Owen Hart enters the ring and attacks Shamrock. Steve Blackman saves but Shamrock attacks Blackman and Blackman fights back.

Mankind makes his way down to the ring, body surfing on a gurney. He throws out a challenge to Kane inside a Hell in a Cell, jamming thumbtacks in his cheek. The last Hell in a Cell Match where Mankind went off of the top of the cage is still fresh in the minds of people and now Mankind promises to go off of the cell once again, taking out Kane.

Kurrgan and Marc Mero battled to a no contest.

Jacqueline attacks Sable at ringside before this match really gets going, disguised as a fan. Jacqueline and Marc Mero take on Sable and a mystery partner.

X-Pac relieves himself in a pair of Jeff Jarrett’s cowboy boots. Well when you got to go, you’ve got to go.

Hawk is in the house, and he’s drunk and shooting, talking about no selling the piledriver. He gets cut off in short order.

The New Age Outlaws defeated Southern Justice

Jeff Jarrett is out sans boots and not too happy about his feet being filmed without them. For those keeping track, there is a match going on but wrestling has taken a backseat to this show. Wrestling has broken out in the storylines, with the Outlaws picking up the win as they challenge Kane and Mankind for the WWF Tag Team Titles at Summerslam 1998. Jeff Jarrett attacks the camera man and shaves his head, to further set up the X-Pac and Jeff Jarrett hair vs. hair match at Summerslam 1998.

Kane and Mankind battled to a no contest in the Hell in the Cell Match

A fair brawl inside the Cell involving thumbtacks, but Kane manages to put Mankind right down. Austin pops up from underneath the ring and lays a beating on Kane but The Undertaker is out. Undertaker tries to break into the cell and climbs up but Vince McMahon lifts to the ceiling, protecting his investment for the main event at Summerslam 1998 in six days. That was actually kind of clever. No real winner in this one. Austin destroys Kane with a chair and a pair of Stone Cold Stunners as a consolation prize.

Undertaker warns Austin that he made a huge mistake by beating down Kane.

Chyna is out to call out the Rock but it appears that she is in a tough situation as the Nation is out and DX are trapped in the locker room. The Rock suggests that Chyna needs to get some, if you catch my drift and after a moment, enlists the services of Mark Henry. Before anything can happen, Shawn Michaels comes down to the ringside area and chases everyone off, before waffling Mark Henry with a chair.

DX escapes and are not too happy about this. Especially Triple H.

Val Venis and TAKA Michinoku battle to a no contest.

Run in night continues with Triple H destroying both men and promising pain.

The ultra-awesome Highway to Hell video package is shown hyping up the big Undertaker vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin match.

X-Pac defeated Gangrel via disqualification

Jeff Jarrett gains his revenge from X-Pac from his actions earlier taking a guitar right to his head. Also Edge runs out and attacks Gangrel, because…well this one actually goes somewhere, but stay tuned.

Bart Gunn wins the Brawl for All over Bradshaw

Bart Gunn knocks out Bradshaw with the left hook of death and wins the Brawl for all, getting $75,000 for his victory. It isn’t as big as a waste of money as Linda’s senate campaign. Or the XFL. Or the WBF. Or the WWE Network when that fails. Or any other hair brained schemes that Vince McMahon concocts that isn’t wrestling.

The Undertaker is out, to remind Austin that he was the one to make the match a personal affair, but Mr. McMahon is out. Is he friend or is he foe? The Undertaker answers Mr. McMahon’s question with a thunderous choke slam. The casket that the Undertaker brought out opens and here comes Stone Cold Steve Austin to taunt McMahon. Then Kane attacks but Austin decides to back off, meeting flames on the ramp. That is the final stop on the road to the Highway to Hell with Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. the Undertaker.

On the pregame show prior to Summerslam 1998, all of the last minute hype for Summerslam WWF Sunday Night Heat August 30th 1998 is next and that will be Part 56 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF Attitude Era Series

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