Wwf Attitude Era Series Part 51: Wwf Raw Is War 8/10/98

It is now time to continue our review of the WWF Attitude Area, with WWF RAW is WAR for August 10th 1998. The road to Summerslam 1998 and the Highway to Hell continues, with the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Titles on the line in a fatal four way tag team match, with defending champions Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker taking on the Nation of Domination represented by D’Lo Brown and the Rock, Mankind and Kane, and the New Age Outlaws. Plus more fun in the Brawl for All. This is Part 51 of the WWF Attitude Era

Series as we continue to highlight some of the highlights of one of the hottest periods in Wrestling History.

WCW had Road Wild and it really wasn’t match to speak of. Juventud Guerrera won the WCW Cruiserweight Title from Chris Jericho. Goldberg defeated members of both NWO factions, last eliminating the Giant, and Jay Leno and Diamond Dallas Page defeated Eric Bischoff and Hollywood Hogan. Which thankfully put the end to the awful NWO Nite Cap segments, so that gets a thumbs up.

On Nitro the next night, Goldberg retained the WCW Championship over Meng but he mowed down Kevin Nash with a spear. Little did we know what that would eventually set the stage for.

The Highway to Hell Continues with Part 51 of the WWF Attitude Era Series and a Fatal Four Way Tag Team Title defense. It is time to recap WWF RAW is WAR for 8/10/98, Part 51 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF RAW is WAR 8/10/98

Mankind is going absolutely insane backstage. Obviously the events of Heat, where the Undertaker attacked Mankind after Taker dressed as Kane is unhinging Mankind in the back.

Mankind is out, saying that the one person who has been up front and honest with him had been Vince McMahon, so he calls him out. Mr. McMahon is out, talking about how Kane and the Undertaker are collaborating with each other. Paul Bearer and Kane are out, with Bearer giving McMahon an earful about slandering his son. McMahon yells that Kane is the Undertaker. Nah, he’s the third Ultimate Warrior(pat yourself on the back if you get that reference). McMahon tries to remove the mask but out go the lights and the Undertaker appears where Kane stands to throttle McMahon. Undertaker clears the ring, with Paul Bearer beside himself in a solid way to start out RAW.

Luna Vachon defeated Jacqueline

Standard by the numbers match between these two women, with Sable and Kurrgan getting involved, along with Marc Mero. Luna gets a splash on Jackie to score the pin and takes the bikini contest trophy as a token of victory.

New Age Outlaws are in the house, as some speculation about the future of DX is made by the announcers.

Droz defeated Savio Vega in the Brawl For All

Droz advanced to this match via a draw with Hawk and Savio Vega defeated Brakkus. You know the drill by now, they fight and Droz gets the win, to take on the winner of the Bradshaw/Marc Mero match later in the show.

Here comes Triple H and Chyna in the house, with more rumors about the future of DX.

Once again Hawk is in no condition to compete. Despite being drunk, Hawk tries to beat up Southern Justice but it ends rather badly, so Droz is out to substitute for Hawk in the scheduled LOD 2000 against Southern Justice tag team match.

Animal and Droz battled Southern Justice to a no contest.

Jeff Jarrett is out and nails Droz with a guitar shot. Jarrett then decides to cut off Droz’s ponytail as a token of victory.

Here is X-Pac in the house.

DX is out, to initiate a DX Split. Which is them mooning the crowd, but Chyna stops the other four members to do the deed. This segment went on and dragged a lot.

Stone Cold Steve Austin roughs up Michael Cole a bit when

Cole tries to get a word with him backstage. Now that’s more like it.

The Godfather and Vader are going to have a match. But for the first time, the Godfather offers his hos to Vader in exchange for throwing the match. Knowing that he might as well get lucky, if he’s going to be neutered as a monster, Vader accepts the girls in exchange for throwing the match. Bart Gunn knocks out Vader and he will be taking on the Godfather next week in the Semifinals of the Brawl for All.

Dustin Runnels tries to protect us from entertaining content, by offering a warning about the adult nature of the next segment. During this show we had drunk Hawk, an over long DX segment, and Vader being knocked out by a jobber, so really where were you to warn us about those segments, Dustin?

Val Venis is wheeled out to the ring, with John Wayne Bobbit and Mrs. Yamaguchi-San. After a tease, it turns out that some severe shrinkage caused Mr. Yamaguchi’s attempts to “choppy choppy, your pee pee” to be avoided. He kicks Mrs. Yamaguchi-San to the curb, giving her a battery, because she might need it as a substitute to the Big Valbowski. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

Bradshaw defeated Marc Mero

For those playing the home game, Bradshaw defeated Mark Canterbury to get into this match and Marc Mero lost to Steve Blackman but was put back into replace Blackman when he got injured. This was truly the 1998 version of the Bound for Glory Series. A solid enough match, about the best you can have with something like the Brawl for All, with Bradshaw advancing to take on Droz next week.

Ken Shamrock is out to attack Owen Hart and put a beating on him, until he is broken up. Originally it was supposed to be Owen Hart and the Rock challenging for the belts, but now the WWF European Champion D’Lo Brown will be stepping in to join with the Rock.

Mankind and Kane won the WWF Tag Team Championship over Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker, The New Age Outlaw, and D’Lo Brown and the Rock when Kane pinned the Undertaker with the Choke Slam from Hell.

Base on the scheme that the New Age Outlaws pulled a couple of months back, members of the same team are not allowed in the ring with each other. Which is a rather sensible rule. This match really did make up for a rather lackluster show for sure. All eight men really shined here in this match but Kane caught the Undertaker and one choke slam gets the pin, thus putting fuel right on the conspiracy fire for sure. Kane and Mankind are once again tag team titles and Austin shoots a glare at the Undertaker. Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker are no longer tag team champions going into their match at Summerslam 1998.

WWF Sunday Night Heat for August 16th 1998, features Southern Justice taking on X-Pac and Triple H and Kane and Mankind defending their newly won WWF Tag Team Titles. That is coming up in Part 52 in the WWF Attitude Era Series.

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