Wwf Attitude Era Series Part 48: Wwf Sunday Night Heat 8/2/98

The WWF Attitude Era Series Continues for the first ever episode of WWF Sunday Night Heat for August 2nd 1998. In the first ever main event, a number one contenders match for the WWF Tag Team Titles takes place, when Kane and Mankind takes on The Rock and Owen Hart in the Nation of Domination where the winning team takes on Austin and Undertaker the next night on RAW. This is WWF Sunday Night Heat 8/2/98, Part 48 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF Sunday Night Heat 8/2/98

Vince McMahon introduces his son Shane as the commentator on Heat. Shane McMahon,
how do I put this nicelyÖhe makes Michael Cole look like Gordon Solie on commentary. Heís entertaining in other ways, but commentary was not his calling. And he obviously kind of sours the early days of Heat much like Michael Cole does with current WWE. Edge pinned Jeff Jarrett Edge had really not been doing much except for brooding in the crowd. Jarrett kind of sort of been pushed and featured in Pay Per View matches, so this was kind of an upset. Some botched interference with Tennessee Lee allowed Edge to pick up a huge win. Even then, Edge showed something, but I doubt that many could have figured out how far he rose up the rankings. Tomorrow night on RAW, X-Pac and Triple H meets for the number one contendership of the Rockís WWF Intercontinental Title. They vow to remain professional and friends despite it all. Droz and the Headbangers defeated Kaientai A pretty fun little six man tag team match all things considered. Val Venis showed his face in this match, to distract Kaientai. Droz scored the swift victory right on Menís Teioh. WWF European Champion DíLo Brown defeated Ken Shamrock via disqualification This is

the first ever title defense for DíLo Brown. A short but rather fun little match, with Mark Henry finding his way in to interfere. Dan Severn gets involved, but he attacks DíLo Brown, which gets Shamrock disqualified. More build to a storyline that really didnít pay off in a big way between Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock. Steve Blackman tries to be the peacemaker but Shamrock throws things. Ken Shamrockís post KOTR push was weird by the way. He wasnít a bad winner like King Mabel or Billy Gunn but he perhaps didnít do as much as he could with it. DíLo continues to rock it. Owen Hart and the Rock defeated Mankind and Kane via countout to earn a title shot. The summer of 1998 had many rather enjoyable tag team matches in WWF, and this was another one. All four men were heels, so it was an intriguing match. Both teams put on a good performance, with the Rock and Owen managing to be a bit more shrewd on an outside brawl, beating the count and winning this match to get a tag team title shot the next night on RAW. Stone Cold Steve Austin cuts a promo to end the show, vowing to kick some ass. And that is the end of the first episode of Heat. RAW the next night featured Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker taking on Owen Hart and the Rock and that is where we will pick up in Part 49 of the WWF Attitude Era Series. All Parts of the WWF Attitude Era Series http://wrestlingemporium.blogspot.com/p/wwf-attitude-era-series_12.html

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