Wwf Attitude Era Series Part 45: Wwf Raw Is War 7/20/98

We continue with the WWF Attitude Era Series with Part 45, featuring the WWF Tag Team Champions Kane and Mankind taking on the WWF Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin in a handicap match, six days before Stone Cold and the Undertaker take on Kane and Mankind. Plus WWF European Champion Triple H takes on a member of the Nation of Domination and WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock takes on the member of DeGeneration X on WWF RAW is WAR for July 20th 1998

Meanwhile, over on Nitro, the July 20th 1998, it was kind of a hit and miss show, that

didn’t feature the newly crowned WCW Champion Bill Goldberg. Eric Bischoff graced us with another stirring rendition of NWO Late Night. Bret Hart won the vacant WCW United States Title over Diamond Dallas Page. Bret Hart had become kind of lost in the shuffle in WCW, after being the name in wrestling after the Montreal Screwjob that lit the fuse for the Attitude Era. Scott Hall and the Giant won the WCW Tag Team Titles over Sting and Kevin Nash with some help from Bret Hart.

Meanwhile on RAW, we were six days before Fully Loaded. Six days before the WWF Tag Team Champions Kane and Mankind defending against the Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Six days before the champion vs. champion two out of three falls match between WWF European Champion Triple H and WWF Intercontinental Champion The Rock. And of course the bikini contest between Sable and Jacqueline. But we had one more stop on the road, for WWF RAW is WAR 7/20/98, Part 45 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF RAW is WAR 7/20/98

Vince McMahon is out to call out the Undertaker. Tonight he wants to put the Undertaker in a match with Kane and Mankind. Mr. McMahon talks to the Undertaker, but the Undertaker is not responding. Until McMahon tells the Undertaker that he can in fact go to hell. The Undertaker responds by choke slamming Mr. McMahon to the joy of the crowd.

Triple H does his Michael Buffer like ring introduction and his mystery opponent is Nation Flunkee D’Lo Brown. Well it seems like Triple H has an easy title defense.

D’Lo Brown pinned WWF European Champion Triple H to win the championship

Seeing this match live when it happened back in 1998, I was like, “really, D’Lo Brown”. I had assumed that Owen Hart would have been the mystery opponent, because it kind of makes sense. Little did I know that there would be further things brewing. This match was passable, not really much until the finish. D’Lo in all his chest protector wearing, head bobbing glory, wins the belt with a little help from the Rock Bottom and the Rock.

Sunday Night Heat is coming soon. Both to WWF in 1998 and reviews in the Attitude Era series.

DX aren’t happy and X-Pac is going to be the one to challenge the Rock tonight for the Intercontinental Title.

“Dr. Death” Steve Williams defeated Pierre Outlette in the Brawl for All

Quebecer Pierre gave it a go against Doctor Death, who was being groomed to win the Brawl for All and challenge Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship. As UFC matchmakers have found out many times, don’t ever hang your hopes on someone winning to set up another match down the line, as a real fight can end in a shocker. But right now, Dr. Death wins, so far, so good.

After a replay of Land of the Rising Venis, Mr. Yamaguchi-San and Kaientai is out, for his wife to get some punishment, as per the Japanese culture or perhaps Vince Russo’s belief of the Japanese Culture. She is to crawl through the legs of each of the men and get paddled. Insert web cam joke here. Val Venis saves the day and beats up Kaientai with the paddle. NOT FUNAKI!

Animal vs. Skull is set up, but the DOA attack LOD 2000 and lay them out. Anything that spares me of the DOA wrestling a match is a thumbs way up. It is quite unfortunate that they have a match coming up at Fully Loaded.

Steve Blackman pinned Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett has Southern Justice and Tennessee Lee out with them, so Blackman counters with Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock. Match was merely a backdrop to an angle, with Blackman scoring the

win and then Owen attacking Shamrock on the floor, as at Fully Loaded, then will meet in Stu Hart’s Dungeon, with Dan Severn as the guest referee.

Michael Cole tries to get a word with the Undertaker but the Undertaker doesn’t respond. Don’t blame him, I mean it’s Michael Cole after all.

Out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin. Vince McMahon is out to continue their awesome chemistry on the microphone. Austin will take the Undertaker’s place against Kane and Mankind tonight. Austin is not down with that, so McMahon threatens to strip the title. Austin responds by accepting the match and threatening to whip Mr. McMahon’s ass. The usual good stuff between these two men.

Recap of the recent events between Jason Sensation and Owen Hart, with Owen beating the snot out of Sensation.

Owen Hart defeated Faarooq

Much like the “Paula” chants got to Paul Orndorff, the “Nugget” chants are getting to Owen Hart. Just think it all started with one promo which had a thinly veiled shot at Bret Hart. Sharpshooter gets the duke for the Black Hart and out comes Ken Shamrock go after Owen, but he’ll have to wait for this Sunday.

Mankind, Kane, and Paul Bearer have cruel intentions in mind for Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Sable is out, as is Jacqueline and Marc Mero. Jacqueline talks some trash about Sable’s attire. Jacqueline rips off Sable’s dress. Edge comes out and attacks Marc Mero…heh, isn’t that something, we’ll get back to that little point in a few parts. I’m sure Russo didn’t do that by design, but he seemed to stumble into something logical.

Shawn Michaels is out for some commentary. Then we see a replay of the Brawl for All, featuring Too Cold Scorpio winning over 8-Ball to advance forward.

WWF Intercontinental Champion the Rock defeated X-Pac via disqualification

Needless to say, this match was a rather great one. X-Pac did in fact rule during this time, although its very easy to see the point where everyone might have started to turn on him but we’ll get to that later in the series. X-Factor(not named as such as of yet), but the Rock survives. Chyna enters the ring to attack the Rock. In comes D’Lo, in comes Triple H, but the referee catches Triple H and disqualifies him. This leads to DX and the Nation scrambling out. Rock is still the champion and will be defending against Triple H in a Best Two Out of Three Falls Match at Fully Loaded and X-Pac gets a match with D’Lo Brown as a consolation prize.

Kane and Mankind defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin via disqualification

A rather spirited brawl, with the Undertaker making his way out to stand in the corner of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin fights the tag team champions but even the might of Stone Cold weathers before Kane and Mankind. Taker gets involved and swings a chair, striking Kane, with some uncertainty of who he was going to hit. Austin cleans house with the chair, hitting both Mankind and Undertaker. Questions of coexistence are brought into place.

Can Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin coexist as they challenge Mankind and Kane for the WWF Tag Team Titles at Fully Loaded? We’ll find out in Part 46 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

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