Wwf Attitude Era Series Part 39: Wwf Raw Is War 6/15/98

The WWF Attitude Era Series Continues with Part 39 of the WWF Attitude Series for WWF RAW is WAR 6/15/98, featuring a number one contenders tag team Royal Rumble Match, on the road to King of the Ring.


WCW had the Great American Bash on June 14th with Match 8 of the Best of Seven Series(the seventh match was thrown out due to Bret Hart interfering), with Booker T beating Chris Benoit and later that night, he moved forward to regain the WCW Television Championship from Fit Finlay. The WCW Cruiserweight Title was held up, with Chris Jericho beating Dean Malenko

via disqualification to regain the title. Bret Hart and Hollywood Hogan defeated Randy Savage and Roddy Piper and then Piper beat Savage in a special challenge match after the fact. Goldberg became 100-0, retaining his United States Title over Konnan, with Curt Hennig and Rick Rude turning on Konnan, to join the NWO Black and White. Sting defeated the Giant to gain full control of the WCW Tag Team Titles.

On Nitro, Sting picked Kevin Nash as his tag team partner, defeating Harlem Heat to retain the WCW Tag Team Titles. Also, Randy Savage and Diamond Dallas Page battled to a no contest in a cage match after the NWO Black and White interfered. Savage would be put on the shelf for months. A big time tag team match was set up at the Bash at the Beach, featuring Hogan and NBA Superstar Dennis Rodman taking on Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Marlone, a rival of Rodman’s, as the Utah Jazz which Malone was played the Chicago Bulls in the 1998 NBA Playoffs, which of course Rodman was with at the time. An actual real life scuffle on the court between Malone and Rodman translated into a professional wrestling match, with DDP and Hogan who were set to feud being added to the fix for interest from the regular wrestling fans.

WWF RAW is WAR for June 15th 1998, features Mankind and Kane taking on the Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the first ever tag team Hell in a Cell Match. Also a tag team Royal Rumble to show who is next in line for a shot at the New Age Outlaws and their WWF Tag Team Titles. Plus X-Pac against Triple H and Vader against the Rock in the 1998 King of the Ring Tournament. This is part 39 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF RAW is WAR 6/15/98


Recap of Kane and Mankind stuffing Stone Cold Steve Austin into the casket.

After being banished from WWF forever two weeks ago, Sable is back. She introduces the man who brought her back, Vince McMahon. Ah yes this storyline which Sable was brought back after doing a favor for the boss, if you catch my drift, which really didn’t go all that far. Until 2003, where she was Vince’s mistress in a storyline but that’s beyond the scope of this series. She reads a letter, as Mr. McMahon denies being behind the attack from the Undertaker and Kane last week. Austin comes out and Mr. McMahon tries to throw blame on the Undertaker, saying that he was in on the attack. The Undertaker comes out, saying that while he wants the title, he’s not conspiring against Austin and threatens harm on McMahon. Mankind, Kane, and Paul Bearer make their way out. The end note is tag team Hell in a Cell Match, with Kane and Mankind against Steve Austin and the Undertaker tonight.

The Rock defeated Vader to advance to the Quarterfinals of the King of the Ring Tournament.


Vader, once the most feared man on the planet, is now fodder for the rise of the Rock. Although there are far worse lots in life to have. Mark Henry gets involved, to continue his feud with the Rocky Mountain Mastodon and splash him on the floor. The Rock scores the Rock Bottom and he advances to the Elite Eight next week, on the June 22nd RAW is WAR. A fair enough match for what it was.

DX talks about the upcoming X-Pac vs. Triple H match. Much amusement is made by Triple H’s large nose being made fun of.

Darren Drozdov defeated Jeff Jarrett


This is a very blatant backdrop to set up the Mero against Jarrett Quarterfinal Match next week, and Marc Mero gets involved, along Droz to score the pin. Droz gets the win, thanks to Marc Mero. Match was nothing special.

Val Venis is in action next.

The pressing question is naturally what side Chyna will be when X-Pac takes on Triple H, as DX squares off in the King of the Ring Tournament.

Val Venis defeated Chainz


Venis states that he is bigger than Texas, wink wink, nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more. Chainz batters Venis but Venis scores the win with the Money Shot, to remain undefeated in WWF.

The Undertaker expresses doubt about his ability to trust Austin due to the fact that he cannot trust anyone. Man raises a good point.

X-Pac and Triple H will

fight and will not lie down for anyone.

Dustin Runnels defeated Marc Mero(w/Jacqueline)


Jeff Jarrett, Tennessee Lee, and Southern Justice all made a ruckus at ringside, but the real thing that distracted Mero was his former manager Sable. A few seconds distraction is all Dustin needed to flash pin Mero. Both Mero and Jarrett go into the King of the Ring Quarterfinals with Negative momentum.

Chyna tells X-Pac and Triple H to man up and give the fans a good match.

Dustin Runnels thanks Jesus for his win. Well wasn’t that nice?

Triple H defeated X-Pac via countout in the First Round of the King of the Ring Tournament.


The return of X-Pac after almost a year on the shelf with an injury and Mr. Waltman doesn’t do too badly right now. The match of the evening so far, and the Rock shows up to taunt Triple H and then Owen Hart shows up to punk out X-Pac, laying him out on the floor and Triple H gets the countout, to face the Rock in the Quarterfinals of the King of the Ring Tournament. A good match even if the finish was not so good.

More fun with Al Snow and Head, who are dressed as Snow’s old gimmick, Avatar. No not that, one. Or that one either for that matter. Snow is not too happy about Jerry Lawler backing out of his promise. Lawler ends up getting a mannequin head right into his crotch. Jerry Lawler just got…well you know.

Austin doesn’t really trust the Undertaker all that much but then again, he doesn’t trust anyone.

Owen Hart and Mark Henry defeated Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock via disqualification.


Rivals from the early days of UFC, which was an entirely different animal back in the day than it is now, Shamrock and Severn were forced to team up. DX runs in before too much can happen and attacks the Nation. This feud between DX and the Nation is not far from over. Match as it was okay. Next week, Henry versus Shamrock and Owen against Severn in the Quarterfinals of the King of the Ring Tournament.

Kane and Mankind won the Tag Team Royal Rumble, last eliminating Too Cold Scorpio and Terry Funk. Other teams in this match include the New Midnight Express, LOD 2000, The Headbangers, DOA, The Oddities, Too Much, Faarooq and Steve Blackman, Bradshaw and Taka.


Rumbles are always at least fun, if not rather good. Tag Team Royal Rumble indicates teams coming out every thirty seconds and when your partner gets eliminated, so do you. Kane and Mankind dominate the competition, last putting out Funk and Scorpio. Kane drills a chair into Funk’s face as Mankind holds it. Kane and Mankind win to get their future shot at the Outlaws.

No Undertaker for the main event, with Austin getting into a brawl with Mankind and Kane outside of the Hell in a Cell. Paul Bearer enters the Hell in a Cell and locks himself in, thinking that he’s outsmarted everyone, but the Undertaker comes out from underneath the ring. Austin goes to town on Kane with an insane amount of chairshots on top of the cell and Taker destroys Paul Bearer inside the Cell. It is pure chaos as RAW is WAR goes off the air. The Hell in a Cell Match did not officially start.

Stone Cold Steve Austin defends the WWF Championship against Kane at King of the Ring and Mankind takes on the Undertaker in Hell in a Cell but next week is the go home show, six days before King of the Ring. Jeff Jarrett vs. Marc Mero, Ken Shamrock vs. Mark Henry, Dan Severn vs. Owen Hart, and Triple H vs, the Rock in the Quarterfinals of the King of the Ring Tournament, with the semi-finals and finals taking center stage. That will be Part 40 in the WWF Attitude Era Series.

Next Part Triond Version: http://sportales.com/wrestling/wwf-attitude-era-series-part-39-wwf-raw-is-war-61598/ All WWF Attitude Era Series Parts http://wrestlingemporium.blogspot.com/p/wwf-attitude-era-series_12.html

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