Wwf Attitude Era Series Part 38: Wwf Raw Is War 6/8/98

With Kane as now the number one contender for the WWF Championship and Mick Foley reverting to the darker Mankind persona, the WWF Attitude Era series continues.


On WCW Thunder 6/4/98 and WCW Nitro 6/8/98, Booker T scored wins against Chris Benoit to close the gap in the Best of Seven Series. WCW Nitro 6/8/98 also featured more Hogan than anyone would ever want and Bischoff as well. Diamond Dallas Page was going to make his decision about joining the Wolfpac, but Hollywood Hogan and NBA Superstar Dennis Rodman crash the party to lay a beating on DDP. Goldberg continued his

undefeated streak defeating Chavo Guerrero and keeps the United States Title. Not much of a week in WCW.

On WWF RAW is WAR for June 8th 1998, the King of the Ring Tournament Continues. The New Age Outlaws put the WWF Tag Team Titles on the line against the DOA and LOD 2000. Plus Vince McMahon gets awarded for his humanitarian efforts, and Stone Cold Steve Austin is the guest of honor. This is WWE RAW is WAR 6/8/98, Part 38 in the WWF Attitude Era Series.

WWF RAW is WAR 6/8/98


A graphic for the Junkyard Dog who passed away during this time.

Vince McMahon is out, with Patterson and Brisco, bragging about that he’ll get an award for his great humantarian efforts over the years. He invites Stone Cold to attend but the fix is in.

Ken Shamrock defeated Kama Mustafa in the King of the Ring First Round Match.


Shamrock is back and he is taking apart Kama, despite the fact that he has a busted up ankle from Owen Hart weeks ago. Shamrock works over Kama’s leg, before snapping him right into he Ankle Lock for the tap out. Here come the Nation of Domination but Dan Severn cuts them off at the pass, as Severn and Shamrock eyeball each other, their UFC past week known. Ken Shamrock will take on Mark Henry on June 22nd 1998 RAW in the Quarterfinals.

WWF Summerslam 1998 is in Madison Square Garden and DX invades New York.

Steve Blackman and Faarooq defeated Jeff Jarrett and Marc Mero


Jarrett and Mero will face off against each other in the Quarterfinals of the King of the Ring Tournament on June 22nd 1998 RAW is WAR, but tonight they are teaming up against the men they beat last week. Blackman pins Jarrett after a miscommunication from Jarrett and Mero.

More DX in New York fun and games.

Owen Hart defeated Too Cold Scorpio in the King of the Ring First Round Match


Owen Hart manages to get the win in the match that was very good for the time it had. Sharpshooter gets the win and Owen moves forward, to perhaps repeat his victory in the 1994 King of the Ring Tournament.

The Undertaker is on the war path, wanting to get his hands on Vince McMahon.

Chainz defeated Darren Drozdov.


The Undertaker destroys both men after the match, yelling for McMahon.

DX is on the house, but here comes LOD 2000 and DOA, both teams wanting tag team title shots against the New Age Outlaws. Triple H gets in a great quip, asking how many microphones does the WWF have, when DOA come out. It’s going to be a Triple Threat Tag Team Match with the Outlaws, LOD 2000, and DOA for the Tag Team Titles.

The Undertaker is causing havoc.

Mark Henry defeated Vader


Actually not too bad of a match all things considered, although I do wonder how awesome Vader circa 1993 against Mark Henry circa 2011 would be. Henry wins and then the Undertaker comes out and beats them up again. He still wants McMahon.

Dan Severn defeated D’Lo Brown in the King of the Ring Tournament First Round.


Severn destroys D’Lo with a bow and arrow submission

hold, injuring his pectoral muscle in the process. Which would turn out to be a blessing in disguise for D’Lo but we’ll get that to before too long. Severn advances to the quarterfinals on the June 22nd 1998 RAW where he’ll meet Owen Hart.

Val Venis battled Dustin Runnels to a no contest.


These two men had a pretty decent match but the Undertaker came out and obliterates both Venis and Dustin.

In the back, Sgt. Slaughter tries to get the Undertaker to leave but the Undertaker destroys Slaughter, still on the war path about Vince McMahon.

WWF Tag Team Champions The New Age Outlaws defeated LOD 2000 and DOA


This wasn’t all too bad, but the finish, it was utterly brilliant or utterly stupid. I can’t decide which one and Billy Gunn and Road Dogg were both the legal men, the Outlaws, the same thing, so they do the obvious thing, with Billy Gunn pinning Road Dogg after taking a dive, after the Outlaws keep the belts and there are two very unhappy challenging tag teams as Gunn and the Road Dogg have pulled a fast one on them.

The Undertaker is lead out of the building by the police, not to disrupt Vince McMahon’s ceremony. The Undertaker will leave the building, having to settle with a Hell in a Cell Match against Mankind at King of the Ring 1998.

Before the Award Ceremony could happen, Al Snow pops up to say hello, and Lawler tries to get rid of him, while trying to appease him. It is time for Vince McMahon to be awarded. He is not happy about Austin’s choice of attire, but it’s Austin’s regular clothes, with a black tie. Both of the presenters have the favorite superstar of Stone Cold Steve Austin. It appears that Vince McMahon has been a bit cheap and Austin picks his pocket, giving them some of Vince’s money and Vince is not happy.

Suddenly, the lights go out and a casket is wheeled out. The Undertaker is teased, but Mankind pops out from underneath the ring and Austin gets ambushed. Kane comes from the casket and Kane and Mankind beat Stone Cold down. Austin is put in the casket, as Kane, Mankind, and McMahon stand triumphant. Kane has gained a psychological victory over Stone Cold Steve Austin leading up to King of the Ring 1998 and his first shot at the WWF Championship.

The King of the Ring Tournament picks up in Part 39 of the WWF Attitude Era Series, along with a tag team Royal Rumble to determine new number one contenders to the WWF Tag Team Titles held by the New Age Outlaws.

Next Part http://sportales.com/wrestling/wwf-attitude-era-series-part-38-wwf-raw-is-war-6898/ All WWF Attitude Era Series Parts http://wrestlingemporium.blogspot.com/p/wwf-attitude-era-series_12.html

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