Wwf Attitude Era Series Part 17: Wwf Raw Is War 2/9/98

It’s now time to continue our trek through the Attitude Era of the World Wrestling Federation, with Part 17 of the Attitude Era series, with the February 9th 1998 episode of RAW, which was the final show before the No Way Out of Texas Pay Per View.


On WCW Nitro, the Outsiders lost the WCW Tag Team Titles back to the Steiner Brothers, who had been bickering for weeks but had managed to pull it together. Also, the splintering of the NWO continues, when Randy Savage and Hollywood Hogan square off in a battle that ended in a no contest. Later

that night, Hogan had a net drop from the ceiling on Lex Luger, Sting, and Randy Savage. Also a mask versus cruiserweight title match was set up between Juventud Guerrera and Chris Jericho. WCW was rocking towards Superbrawl VIII, where Hollywood Hogan and Sting would meet once again for the vacant WCW Title and Randy Savage takes on Lex Luger in a grudge match. Also on the previous Thunder, Chris Benoit and Diamond Dallas Page had a United States Title Match that ended in a no decision thanks to Raven’s flock, so a return match was ordered for Superbrawl 8.

WWF RAW is WAR 2/9/98


Recap of the events at the end of RAW, featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. This brings out Stone Cold Steve Austin, who rips into Michaels, saying that Austin had the last laugh, because Austin has taken the WWF Championship belt, stealing the physical belt. Shawn Michaels doesn’t believe this little fact at first but when he checks his bag, the WWF Championship belt is in fact missing, causing a minor freak out, replaced by one of those cheap toy replicas that you could get for about two dollars at Wal-Mart back in the day. Austin reveals the real belt, inviting Michaels to come get it, if he has the guts. This sets up the intrigue for the show.

Barry Windham and Jeff Jarrett defeated the Legion of Doom.


A return match from two weeks ago and not too bad once again. This time, there is a disqualification finish, with Bradshaw running in, to go after Windham and Jarrett. At No Way Out of Texas, Bradshaw will challenge Jeff Jarrett for the NWA North American Title. Legion of Doom are losing a lot of luster since dropping the belts to the Outlaws and this point is noted on commentary.

DX are walking backstage, on the hunt for Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Godwinns defeated the Quebecers via disqualification, after the slop bucket gets involved.


This lackluster tag team match is going to set up another lackluster tag team match at No Way Out of Texas. Not really much of a good match, but it could have been worst. Some insanity involving a metal slop bucket and the Hog Farmers beat the not Mounties via disqualification.

Chyna is talking to the Boricuas and she can speak Spanish. At this point in time, she barely spoke at all in English. They are to take out Stone Cold and get HBK’s belt back.

El Pantera and Brian Christopher defeated TAKA Michinoku and Mr. Aguila when Pantera pins TAKA after stuffing a pair of brass knuckles in his mask.


This match is obviously an advertisement for the upcoming Lightheavyweight Title match at No Way Out of Texas between Pantera and TAKA. Actually another fairly decent match. Pantera stuffs a weapon in his mask, a pair of brass knuckles that Brian Christopher brought into the match, and hits a diving headbutt to pin TAKA. Technically speaking, that really should hurt the guy wearing the mask, since there is padding on the outside and the weapon is banging into his face. But then again its wrestling, so whatever.

Paul Bearer cuts a promo, promising destruction at the hands of Kane, for Vader. Vader and Kane at No Way Out of Texas. I’m really liking the build up for this match, of course I’d like it even more if Vader was actually portrayed as a real monster for the most part. Still it is pretty good. Oh and the Undertaker is gone, never to return.

Faarooq and The Rock defeated Ken Shamrock and Chainz


Set up for the ten man tag team match at No Way Out of Texas when it

is the Nation of Domination taking on the DOA, Ken Shamrock, and Ahmed Johnson in a ten man, war of attrition match. I have no idea what makes that different from a regular ten man tag but it’s a fancy name. Shamrock has the Ankle Lock cranked on Faarooq but the referee doesn’t see the tap out, so the Rock waffles Ken Shamrock with the chair, allowing Faarooq to score the pin. Shamrock and Chainz get into a scuffle after the match but it is calmed down.

Replay of the Wrestlemania 14 press conference, where Mike Tyson is announced as the Special Enforcer for the match between Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin for the WWF Championship.

Los Boricuas and Chyna are on the hunt but no Stone Cold and no belt yet.

Steve Blackman defeated Recon.


A lackluster match to say the very least. Steve Blackman gets the win. The Jackyl cuts a promo and then Sniper gets slapped right in the face by the Jackyl. This is one of those matches that wasn’t that good and not that all memorable.

The New Age Outlaws make fun of what happened last week with Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie when they took their trip off the stage in a dumpster. As a result, they plan to recreate it but with dummies. Usual decent Outlaws promo although they have had better.

The saga backstage with Chyna and Los Boricuas continues, with Stone Cold Steve Austin managing to get the better of the situation, by dividing them and thus he still has his hands on the WWF Championship Belt that he stole from Shawn Michaels. The plot thickens!

Headbanger Thrasher(w/Mosh) defeated Goldust(w/Luna Vachon and Marc Mero)


Goldust is dressed like Marilyn Manson during this match once again. Sable is sent to the back rather earlier on, as the Headbangers will take on Mero and Goldust at No Way Out of Texas. Typical by the numbers WWF midcard match. Sable returns back out, which distracts Goldust, especially when she slaps Goldust. Thrasher cradles Goldust to score the pin and then Sable and Luna Vachon get into it, so business is about to pick up between these two women.

DX is out and it’s time for Shawn Michaels to call out Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin obliges and it’s a fight with DX, with the New Age Outlaws making their way out as well. The odds are getting skewed against Austin slightly, but the buzzing of the chainsaw signals the arrival of Chainsaw Charlie and Cactus Jack, bust out, to make the save, followed by Owen Hart. It will be Cactus Jack, Chainsaw Charlie, Owen Hart, and Stone Cold Steve Austin taking on the New Age Outlaws, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels in a huge eight man tag team match at No Way Out of Texas. Austin, Owen, Cactus, and Chainsaw all stand tall.

A rather middle in the row episode of RAW but never the less it lead to No Way Out of Texas, which will lead into Wrestlemania 14. A huge eight man tag team match event but there will be a slight change due to last minute injury problems by one of the competitors in this match, thus mandating a substitution. We’ll deal with that with Part 18 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

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