Wwf Attitude Era Series 16: Wwf Raw Is War 2/2/98

The World Wrestling Federation continues the road to Wrestlemania 14 as the WWF Attitude Era series continues. The main event of No Way Out of Texas on February 15th 1998 was announced to be an eight man tag team match with Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and the New Age Outlaws against Stone Cold Steve Austin, Owen Hart, Cactus Jack, and Chainsaw Charlie. Wait, Owen Hart and Stone Cold on the same team? After they feuded last year? Can they coexist? Guess we’ll find out as the WWF Attitude Era series continues with part 16.


Really not all that much to note

in WCW this week. There was a pretty awesome tag team match on Thunder with Eddie Guerrero and Chris Jericho taking on Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko. Also the NWO continues to splinter, with Sting taking on Randy Savage in the Nitro main event.

WWF RAW is WAR 2/2/98


DX is out with the state of the union address, talking about the words that they are not allowed to use, allow them bleeped out. The uncensored version is on YouTube. It’s hilarious. Also Shawn Michaels would like us to know that he did not sleep with that young intern, he was up all night long. Ah, the height of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, the good old days where all we had to worry about is whether the President was keeping his pants on or not. I miss those days.

In the ring, DX are all in Uncle Sam Garb and trying to stir up more trouble between Mike Tyson and Stone Cold Steve Austin but out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin this week, for the first interaction between Stone Cold and Shawn Michaels leading up to Wrestlemania 14. He says that he plans on beating Michaels and flips some birds. Usual good stuff on the microphone from all parties.

Mick Foley and Terry Funk are interviewed out of their respective characters, Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie, talking about the fact that they are having a Hardcore Match tonight…against each other! Tonight it could be their last match. Terry Funk won’t retire until he’s dead, come on now. And even then, I’m not sure it would happen.

Cactus Jack battled Chainsaw Charlie to a no contest after the New Age Outlaws interfered, rolling them off the stage while both men were trapped inside a dumpster.


Lots of plunder in this match. Both of these men are so good at this style, that unlike most hardcore matches from 1998, it holds up rather well. Lots of plunder being used, and Cactus ends with hitting an elbow drop on Chainsaw in the dumpster. Then out walk the New Age Outlaws, with Billy Gunn and Road Dogg trapping them in the dumpster and then launching them off the stage. Jim Ross loses his mind, yelling that the Outlaws have pushed it. One of the more memorable scenes in the Attitude Era, as wrestlers pour out of the back, all concerned at this situation. It just got real, boys and girls.

An ambulance has been called and Vince McMahon comes out, to yell at the Outlaws, to add a bit more realism to it. This was insane and burned in my memory after all of these years, where ninety five percent of what goes on in WWE and TNA is forgotten. This segment goes on for a while, it was much like the segment where the NWO attacked at Disney and Nash threw Rey into the trailer where the show just stopped. Only without a bunch of fans chanting, “boring” because they had no idea what had happened because there were no big screens.

DX confronts the New Age Outlaws and applauds them on what they did. It’s all about the ratings and Chainsaw and Cactus would have done the same thing.

The crash is replayed a few times before the show continues.

Owen Hart defeated Billy Gunn via disqualification


Owen Hart beats on Gunn for a while, all angry about what just happened with the Dumpster. The Road Dogg rushes in, then here comes Chyna, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels and it is a five on one beatdown on Owen Hart. Owen Hart is knocked out by the beating and Shawn Michaels suggests for the Outlaws to throw Owen off the ramp to his doom, but WWF Officials scramble to stop the Outlaws. Owen is in not that good of shape right now after that attack.

Marc Mero sends Sable to the back and then brings out Goldust, dressed like Marilyn Manson. The Headbangers are not happy about this, as their idol is Marilyn Manson. And that’s good enough

of a setup for a feud as any.

Marc Mero defeated Headbanger Mosh


Not much to write up, Mero nails a low blow and rolls up Mosh to get the pin.

Barry Windham challenges his former partner Bradshaw to a tag team match later tonight.

A random video package is shown, highlighting Tiger Ali Singh. Who hadn’t been seen in months and who will not be seen for many more. Curious indeed.

Chainz defeated Faarooq via countout


Another short match, with Faarooq getting counted out when he is arguing with Kama. Faarooq tries to rally the troops together, but his grip on leadership of the Nation is slipping by each passing week.

Bradshaw and Flash Funk defeated Jeff Jarrett and Barry Windham


Not too bad of a tag team match but rather underwhelming in many ways. Flash Funk gets punked by the Rock N Roll Express. Bradshaw pins Jeff Jarrett anyway, to set up their NWA North American Title defense at No Way Out of Texas. Than the NWA guys lay a whopping down on Bradshaw. This NWA storyline, I remember it being boring when I was ten and knowing what I know now about the circumstances that it was created, it was laughable that WWF(or rather Russo), thought this could be the alternative to the NWO. Oh well, they didn’t need it but still rather amusing in hindsight.

The Wrestlemania 14 press conference will be Wednesday, so if you have a time machine, this is the week in 1998 where you should check that out. Out comes some guy named Wink Collins to talk about Wrestlemania 14, which sold out in a matter of moments. Out comes Kane for his weekly murdering but it’s Vader Time! Vader walks down to the ring, with a fire extinguisher and sprays Kane several times. Okay, I would have preferred if Vader actually nailed Kane with the extinguisher instead of spraying him with the foam but I’ll take what I get. Vader and Kane at No Way Out of Texas, as with the Undertaker “dead”, Vader is our last hope to take down Kane.

Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated the Road Dogg via disqualification.


Stone Cold Steve Austin didn’t wrestle on free television that much during this time, so this was kind of big. Of course it is a disqualification in a minute or two when Billy Gunn ran in but still it’s a Stone Cold wrestling appearance on RAW in a time where that didn’t happen. Out comes Triple H, out comes Chyna, and out comes Shawn Michaels and much like Owen Hart earlier, Austin gets overwhelmed five on one. Austin gets tied in the ropes, with Michaels taunting him with the WWF Championship, saying this is the closest he’ll get to holding the World Wrestling Federation Championship.

Back from the dead, out comes Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie, looking like they literally broke out of the hospital to make the save. Cactus has an IV tube hanging from him and Chainsaw Charlie wearing a hospital gown. Austin gets free, as DX and the Outlaws flee. The show ends.

An insane episode of RAW, as we edge closer to No Way Out of Texas and we are on the road to Wrestlemania 14. Next week is the go home show for No Way Out of Texas, with the eight man tag team match with Owen Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Cactus Jack, and Chainsaw Charlie against The New Age Outlaws, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels. Join us next time for Part 17 of the WWF Attitude Era Series.

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