Wwe Tlc 2011

It is time for the rundown WWE TLC 2011 from Baltimore, Maryland, airing on December 18th 2011 on Pay Per View. Headlined by the first ever Triple Threat TLC Match between defending champion CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, and the Miz, TLC is the final WWE Pay Per View of 2011. Also hanging above the ring is a sledgehammer when former friends turned rivals Kevin Nash and Triple H collide.

WWE TLC 2011

Zack Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler to win the United States Title.

YES! An awesome opening bout to kick things off at TLC and not because of my shameless Zack Ryder

markdom either. These two men put on a hell of a match and my hats off to both of them. And neither man looked weak, which proves that you can still lose the match and look good. Ryder wins with the Rough Ryder, but I expect nothing but good things for Dolph Ziggler as he continues to ascend up the rankings for the main event. Zack Ryder is your new WWE United States Champion. Yes, we are serious bro, woo, woo, woo, you know it!

Cody Rhodes punks Booker T backstage thus leaving his match in question.

Air Boom defeated Epico and Primo to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Match was added at the last minute, kind of surprising given that this has been a mostly Superstars feud (and that one match at Tribute to the Troops). Not that this match was appreciated, as Kofi Kingston nails Primo with the Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Hornswoggle is not happy about being treated like a child. He has a beard, for Zod’s sake. He kicks Santa Teddy Long right in the shin. I did that once when I was five(not to Teddy Long mind you), but that particular Santa was a bit of a d-bag.

Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett in a Tables Match

Would have liked Barrett to win but everyone should have really expected this result. I thought the match was about as good as you can expect in a Tables Match that doesn’t involving Jeff Hardy taking a few more years off of his life with crazy stunts. Orton tricked Barrett into leaping off, sending him right through the table with the RKO.

The Bella Twins have both been naughty this year, but Teddy Long sees the potential for some reindeer games. TEDDY! Remember, you have a heart condition!

Jack Swagger and Sheamus is added, because we don’t actually want to hype any matches for this show, do we?

Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly to retain the Diva’s Title.


Alberto Del Rio is not happy with Ricardo. Miz shows up, yes we know you beat John Cena at Wrestlemania 27. Alberto says that Miz is a reality show geek and can’t even take Ricardo. Quite the segment.

Cody Rhodes takes out Booker T on the ramp, thus post poning the match.

Triple H defeated Kevin Nash in a Ladder Match

Jesus Christ, this match sucked. The crowd died a death during this match and for good reason. It might have been rather okay, had it not been a Ladder Match. Triple H retrieves the sledgehammer and nails Nash. Nash leaves the ring on a stretcher. Perhaps not the worst match of the year, but this one was pretty up there. And for the record, I was expecting much worse than we got but this was still pretty bad.

CM Punk makes fun of his opponents and his favorite punching bag, John Laurinaitis. Speaking of Johnny, he mailed his Superstar of the Year Slammy but with the mail this holiday season, it might not come straight away. That’s for sure. It might arrive sometime in March if Punk is lucky. Luck is for losers and Laurinaitis may be up to something.

Sheamus defeated Jack Swagger

This match was just a cast iron excuse to get Sheamus on the show. Brogue Kick finishes off Swagger.

The Big Show defeated Mark Henry to win the

World Championship in a Chairs Match

The matches between these two have been getting steadily worse every single Pay Per View but it was short. Knockout punch finishes of Show and Henry beats him up after the bell. And here comes Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan defeated The Big Show to win the World Heavyweight Title

Daniel Bryan wins the title. There was a day where the ROH mark in me would be happy about Daniel Bryan and CM Punk holding both title belts simultaneously but just not feeling it. The tease on Smackdown a month ago really burned a lot of the excitement for me. Plus there is this nagging thought that Daniel Bryan might not survive the Rumble with the title belt in the back of my head. I was going to say that he might not survive Smackdown, but I’ll give WWE the benefit of the doubt, even though I doubt there’s little benefit in that. Still Daniel Bryan is the new champion, was more excited by Zack Ryder’s title win.

Cody Rhodes defeated Booker T to retain the Intercontinental Title

Booker gave it a go but Rhodes gets the win, drilling Booker T with the beautiful disaster not once but twice. Sadly, they did not pull the trigger on Goldust for the rumored Mania match with Cody, which would make sense due to Goldust’s past association with Booker T.

CM Punk defeated Alberto Del Rio and the Miz to retain the WWE Championship

Now this was more like it, a pretty good main event to close out the night at TLC. Ricardo Rodiguez gets beaten up again as per his contract, taking some nasty spills. Punk takes down Miz and keeps the title in an insane TLC Match. Pretty good and Punk and Daniel Bryan are the champions.

Also there was something missing from this show. I can’t put my finger on it, but there was someone that wasn’t on this show. Someone that was extremely important. It was almost like I couldn’t see him. Ah, well, if it was really important, it will come to me.

Why You Should Watch WWE TLC 2011

The first three matches and the main event were good enough. The rest of the show was various degrees of disappointment.

WWE TLC 2011 Results

Zack Ryder defeated Dolph Ziggler to win the United States Title.

Air Boom defeated Epico and Primo to retain the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett in a Tables Match.

Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly to retain the Diva’s Title.

Triple H defeated Kevin Nash in a Ladder Match

The Big Show defeated Mark Henry in a Chairs Match to win the World Heavyweight Title.

Daniel Bryan defeated the Big Show to win the World Heavyweight Title.

Cody Rhodes retained the WWE Intercontinental Title over Booker T.

CM Punk retained the WWE Championship in a TLC Match over Alberto Del Rio and the Miz.

No John Cena.

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