Wwe Superstars 9/22/11

Welcome to WWE Superstars, across the nation and around the world, for the show airing on September 22nd 2011 no longer on WWE.com but on YouTube courtesy of international airings. We have a huge feature contest today on WWE Superstars featuring a high hitting battle between Ted DiBiase and Tyson Kidd. You donít want to miss this one. WWE Superstars 9/22/11 Alex Riley defeated Primo As per usual, a solid opening encounter this week on Superstars. Riley is fired up early but Primo cuts him down. Riley has a nasty bruise on his leg from this past Sunday. Primo gets
a couple of close pins but Riley fights back. Spinebuster and what could be described as a double arm neckbreaker, but Riley cannot put Primo down. A brief comeback but Riley fires back with the A Bomb for the pin. Alex Riley vs. Primo was a solid opening encounter on WWE Superstars. Still to come, Ted DiBiase vs. Tyson Kidd, as DiBiase tries to gain momentum after Night of Champions. Mason Ryan defeated Drew McIntyre Mason Ryan, egads man, your hair! It doesnít go on someone of your frame or build! Youíve gone from looking like Batista to looking like Batista if he had the worldís most ill advised perm. Also, Mason Ryan is like a cinderblock. Drew McIntyre had to wrestle a cinderblock, he was so stiff and immobile. Mason Ryan pulls out something, Iím not sure if was supposed to be a delayed vertical suplex or a Jackhammer. McIntyre gets control. Mason Ryan swung back in control and hits the pumphandle slam for the pin. Funny that when Drew McIntyre sucked, he was getting shoved down our throats but when he has improved so much, heís losing to Mason Ryan on a show thatís been cancelled from WWE.com. Thatís what we call the Chris Masters effect. Ted DiBiase vs Tyson Kidd one on one in a great main event on Superstars. Recap
of Hugh Jackman on RAW. Brodius Clay defeated Joey Grey The usual fun from Brodius this week, adding a Tongan Death Grip into a slam to the fun this week. Avalanche sets up the Fall of Humanity and Brodius Clay picks up yet another win on WWE Superstars. Ted DiBiase vs. Tyson Kidd will be your feature main event. Hell in a Cell is just a little over a week away and we have a look at the past Hell in a Cell matches, one of the most violent matches in wrestling. Ted DiBiase defeated Tyson Kidd A solid technical encounter, with Kidd working over the back for most of the match. Kidd goes for a springboard but DiBiase counters with a slick dropkick for a nearfall! Kidd fights back and springboard legdrop over the top rope to the ring apron. A nearfall off of that one and DiBiase manages to alley oop Kidd into the buckles but Kidd fights off and goes for a moonsault which does not connect. This allows DiBiase to slip in and hit the Dream Street. Ted DiBiase gets the win to cap off a solid Superstars. Why You Should Watch WWE Superstars 9/22/11 A solid main event with Ted DiBiase vs. Tyson Kidd is the key reason to check this one out on YouTube, since WWE isnít posting it on WWE.com. Or watch it on television as it airs anywhere outside of the United States. Whatever floats your boat. WWE Superstars 9/22/11 Results Alex Riley pinned Primo with the A Bomb Mason Ryan defeated Drew McIntyre with the Pumphandle Slam Brodius Clay defeated Joey Grey Ted DiBiase defeated Tyson Kidd http://sportales.com/wrestling/wwe-superstars-92211/ Complete WWE Superstars Archives http://wrestlingemporium.blogspot.com/p/wwe-superstars-reports.html

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