Wwe Superstars 8/6/09

Time to go down the tunnel of retro love for WWE Superstars for August 6th 2009. On that night, WWE Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio squares off against Mike Knox. Expect everything on WWE Superstars 8/6/09.

WWE Superstars 8/6/09

Chris Masters defeated Santino Marella

Chris Masters has returned to WWE for his second run. He’s not quite into the groove that he was in some time but he was rather going to get there before too long. Santino is his usual entertaining self, trying to taunt Masters. Masters manages to get the win easily with the Masterlock. Chris Masters was not that good until

he turned babyface later on that year, as a heel he just seemed rather generic.

William Regal and Paul Burchill defeated Tyler Reks and Yoshi Tatsu

The diabolical duo of Burchill and Regal reunited for a very short time against two up and comers at the time. A fairly fun tag team match, as ECW was really rocking during that last year. It was not the most complex show in the world, but it had some great old school booking. William Regal should have been the final ECW Champion for various reasons, as he is awesome here. He rolls through on Reks as he dives off the top rope for the win. Tyler Reks in 2009 and Tyler Reks in 2012 seems very different in

many ways.

After some recaps and video packages, we are ready for the main event.

Rey Mysterio defeated Mike Knox via disqualification.

Dolph Ziggler is about to challenge Rey Mysterio at Summerslam 2009 for the WWE Intercontinental Championship and he steps in for some commentary. Mike Knox is a beast here and sadly the point where he really improves, is when he is on the way out. He does hit his awesome cross body press. Rey hits the usual but Ziggler enters the ring, to attack Rey for the disqualification. Two on one beatdown but Rey foils them and that's the show. A pretty good main event until the finish.

Why You Should Watch WWE Superstars 8/6/09

Rey Mysterio against Mike Knox is your match of the evening for sure but the tag match from ECW was fun.

WWE Superstars 8/6/09 Results

Chris Masters defeated Santino Marella

William Regal and Paul Burchill defeated Tyler Reks and Yoshi Tatsu

Rey Mysterio defeated Mike Knox via disqualification.

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