Wwe Superstars 8/13/09

It is now time to go down the retro tunnel to review WWE Superstars from August 13th 2009. Featuring the WWE United States Champion Kofi Kingston and the WWE Diva’s Champion Mickie James taking on Rosa Mendes and Carlito in your feature contest. This is WWE Superstars 8/13/09 originally airing on WGNAmerica.

WWE Superstars 8/13/09

John Morrison defeated David Hart Smith

David Hart Smith is much beloved in Calgary for obvious reasons. Morrison continues his awesome run that was the summer of 2009. I’m saddened to see that we’re already winding down the run but when we go through the very, very long

run of Smackdown(all thirteen years of it), we’ll have more goodies to work through. Morrison picks up another impressive win, Starship Pain. Morrison is not on the Summerslam 2009 card, which was unfortunate.

Goldust pinned Sheamus

The early days of Sheamus on ECW, something that kind of got white washed straight out of WWE continuity when Sheamus was moved over to RAW. Obviously however your new monster heel as Sheamus was at the time cannot have had a past where he lost to Goldust. Granted it was a good match and Dustin Rhodes, Dustin Runnels, Goldust, whatever you want to call him, is rather awesome in the ring for a lot of his career…except for Black Reign but that doesn’t count(by the way, did you

know that Rellik is killer spelled backwards?). Goldust cradles Sheamus to score the pin and there you go.

Carlito and Rosa Mendes defeated Mickie James and Kofi Kingston

Funnily Rosa is with Carlito right here, given she is managing Epico and Primo today. Of course that alliance never really amounted to much of anything. A mixed tag team match was a lot of fun for the most part due to Mickie and Kofi just bringing a lot of energy to the match. Carlito drills Kofi with the Back Stabber to set up a feud that really didn’t go anywhere. There you go.

Why You Should Watch WWE Superstars 8/13/09

Morrison vs. Smith and Goldust vs. Sheamus was good matches and the mixed tag team match was rather fun.

WWE Superstars 8/13/09 Results

John Morrison pinned David Hart Smith

Goldust pinned Sheamus

Carlito and Rosa Mendes defeated Mickie James and Kofi Kingston.

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