Wwe Superstars 7/9/09

It is now time to take a look down the vintage lane with a very historic episode of WWE Superstars for July 9th 2009. One on one for the entire world to see, for the first of many times ever, on WWE Superstars, Hornswoggle goes one on one against Chavo Guerrero. This is the first match on this legendary feud on WWE Superstars 7/9/09

WWE Superstars 7/9/09

R-Truth defeated Ricky Ortiz.

Ricky Ortiz, the epitome of someone who has long since forgotten. Started on ECW, actually drafted to Smackdown, and then turned heel. He was there for about a year, and he rather

did less than nothing. R-Truth gets the win, in a lackluster opening match.

Hijinx in Vince’s office involving Chavo Guerrero and Hornswoggle. So Vince McMahon makes the epic encounter that is Hornswoggle against Chavo Guerrero.

Zack Ryder defeated Tyler Reks

The return match from the previous week on WWE Superstars, where Zack Ryder scored the pin. Ryder also wins right here and this match got a bit too much time for two competitors who really had yet to find their feet. The potential was there for Ryder granted, but Reks was not that good. The Zack Attack gets the

pin. Woo, woo, woo, you know it, another win for Zack Ryder on WWE Superstars.

Hornswoggle defeated Chavo Guerrero

The main event and boy has that term never been used more loosely that this one. This is a comedy match, and Chavo has to wrestle on his knees. Obviously fun and games leads to Hornswoggle eventually picking up the win for the Tadpole Splash. Hornswoggle is your winner, concluding things on WWE Superstars 7/9/09

Why You Should Watch WWE Superstars 7/9/09

For historical significance of that first meeting between Hornswoggle and Chavo Guerrero, in that feud that went on for quite some time. And obviously if you’re a Ricky Ortiz fan. Otherwise a lackluster week this time around.

WWE Superstars 7/9/09 Results

R-Truth defeated Ricky Ortiz

Zack Ryder defeated Tyler Reks.

Hornswoggle defeated Chavo Guerrero

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