Wwe Superstars 7/7/11

Welcome to WWE Superstars airing across the nation and around the world on WWE.com for July 7th 2011. The Divas of World Wrestling Entertainment are in action today on WWE Superstars, when Natalya takes on Alicia Fox in your feature contest. Let's get ready for WWE Superstars on WWE.com for July 7th 2011.

WWE Superstars Results 7/7/11

"That Woo Woo Kid, The Long Island Iced Z, The Most Downloaded WWE Superstar on YouTube, The Man With the Tan, The Battling Browski, Slayer of Angry Russians, The Headband Wearing Herald, The Biggest Superstar in the History of Monday Night Wrestling, Internet Innovator, The

Choice of Any Generation and Your Patron Saint of WWE Superstars" Zack Ryder pinned Drew McIntrye.

Throw Chris Masters in there and its a party. Drew McIntyre is looking to make a statement after listening to some Sweet Chin Music on the 6/27/11 RAW. A pretty good match. McIntyre starts out strong on WWE Superstars, plastering Ryder in the face with a boot. Ryder sends McIntyre to the floor and Drew McIntyre throws a fit. Ryder with a pescado and now he throws McIntyre into the ring. McIntyre makes the comeback and nasty side slam on the ring apron. Nice dropkick followed by a kip up by Drew McIntyre. Zack Ryder is beaten up for a spell but Your Patron Saint of WWE Superstars makes a comeback. Browski Boot only gets a two count from Zack Ryder and a "you serious, bro?" directed towards the referee. Ryder goes for the Rough Ryder but Sitout Power Bomb counter by McIntrye. Another nearfall and McIntyre beats on Zack Ryder. Future Shock DDT is blocked and Zack Ryder pulls out a jack-knife cradle for the pin. Zack Ryder is your winner on WWE Superstars. Woo, woo, woo, you know it, bro. McIntyre is none too pleased. Something tells me this won't be the last we see of these two on Superstars.

We'll see the John Cena versus Mr. McMahon confrontation recapped later tonight and the contract signing from Smackdown.

Play the Tweet Time on WWE.com, to match WWE Superstars to their tweets.

Recap of the contract signing from the 7/1/11 WWE Smackdown between Christian and Randy Orton, which doesn't go as planned when Sheamus gets involved. Christian versus Randy Orton at Money in the Bank.

A look at the Greatest Cage Matches DVD.

Alicia Fox defeated Natalya.

A battle between two former Diva's Champions. Matt Striker talks about how Alicia Fox swaying her hips shows that she's a gifted athlete. He also wonders if we'll see what Alicia will do with said hips. So many ways I go with this but I won't. Striker continues by saying that Natalya is built like a Lego. Not much happens during this match, until Alicia Fox gets her weave pulled out by Natalya. This sets the tone for this match, as it increases

several levels of awesome with some stiff shots from both women.

When we comeback, Alicia Fox punishes Natalya with a noogie. Yes, a noogie. More noogie related offense. Alicia then pulls Natalya's hair, and then slaps her, stomps on her face, stands on her hair. Then she bites Natalya's finger. More hair pulling as Natalya tries to make a comeback but Alicia Fox continues to punish her, violently and viciously. Headscissors applies but Natalya powers out and Alicia Fox is tied in the tree of woe. Natalya starts a comeback and beats on Alicia Fox, with three clotheslines. Natalya goes for an Omori Driver but Alicia Fox counters with a sunset flip. Natalya rolles through, attempting the Sharpshooter but Alicia Fox fights it and kicks Nattie point blank in the mouth, before rolling her up for the pin. This match came out of nowhere in the fact that it was pretty good. Alicia Fox picks up the win on WWE Superstars for July 7th 2011. Natalya favors her mouth after the match.

WWE Merchandise for the WWE Universe, Cenation, Rey masks, and more.

A look at CM Punk's promo from the June 27th RAW as we hype Money in the Bank, with CM Punk against John Cena.

Wade Barrett annihilated Don Gonzales.


Holy jobber squash, Batman! Barrett gets slapped by this young local talent and promptly and utterly destroys him. Only a couple of punches. Sidewalk Slam sets up the Wasteland for the pin. Wade Barrett goes into Money in the Bank utterly dominant. Don Gonzales, hope you enjoyed your moment in the sun, have a nice life young man. This is the first jobber squash on WWE TV in at least a year and no trotting out Trent Baretta or Yoshi Tatsu once a month on Smackdown doesn't count.

Recap of the John Cena-Vince McMahon segment from The July 4th 2011 RAW. And that be that.

Thoughts on the Show: Two really solid matches for WWE Superstars and a squash. The July 7th WWE Superstars was a win in many ways. Lots of recaps but that's to be expected with the taping schedule this week. Also Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd had two good matches the past couple of weeks on NXT, over Tyson Kidd destroying Yoshi's action figure, so check those out.

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