Wwe Superstars 7/21/11

Welcome to WWE Superstars across the nation and around the world on WWE.com for Thursday July 21st 2011, another blockbuster hour of power of WWE action straight from the fine folks of World Wrestling Entertainment with a huge feature contest of of the dynamic duo of Zack Ryder and Santino Marella squaring off against The New Nexus of Michael McGillicuty and David Otunga.

WWE Superstars Results 7/21/11

Now thanks to the incompetence of WWE.com for not getting up the show when it was supposed to be, welcome to your rather delayed review of WWE Superstars for July 21th 2011. In the

immortal words of Al Bundy, "let's rock"

Justin Gabriel pinned Tyson Kidd with the 450 Splash.

Justin Gabriel as a babyface is one of the smartest things that WWE has done in quite a long time. He was an okay heel, but he just never worked quite right for me and I'm sure others as well. He'll be fine. I can't say much for Heath Jannetty er Slater. Justin Gabriel was impressive in Money in the Bank and Tyson Kidd was none too happy that he wasn't in it. This was a solid opener, but way too short. This could have been like the Kidd/Barreta matches where they got a lot of time and it was awesome. Yet it was all too short. Gabriel wins after blocking a huracanrana and hitting the 450 Splash for the pin. Guess they needed all that time for recaps of segments that everyone has already seen.

Last Monday on RAW, Vince McMahon was relieved of his duties.

August 14th is WWE Summerslam. It does seem a bit earlier in the month than usual.

Alicia Fox pinned Natalya with a small package.

Last time these two women fought on the 7/7/11 WWE Superstars, it was a brutal, violent, and good match. This time, it was rather short once again. Again need time for those recaps for segments of which everyone watching this show has already seen. Both of these women have two hundred pairs of shoes. Excessive, three is the magic number for shoes. A pair for casual, a pair for dress, and a pair of snow boats for the winter. Any more and that's too much. This concludes the fashion advice for this wrestling report. Maybe I do need to bring back Batista-Eye for the Wrestling Guy, a short lived column I did about absurd ring gear, named after the patron saint of wrestling fashion, Dave Batista. And by short lived, I mean one column that ten people might have read. Axe Kick is missed, Sharpshooter is attempted, but Alicia reverses into a small package to get the pin. Too short to

be much of anything.

Santino Marella and Zack Ryder defeated the New Nexus of David Otunga and Michael McGillicuty.

After their battle last week on WWE Superstars 7/14/11, Ryder and Santino join forces. Never has a team been worth of the moniker the Dream Team, with all due respect to Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine(but not Dino Bravo). Vladimir Koslov is rather unhappy about Zack Ryder potentially stealing his good buddy Santino. Santino teases the Cobra early in this match but gets promptly isolated in the corner and double teamed by the Nexus. Hot tag to Zack Ryder, who runs wild on the Nexus. McGillicuty and Santino go to the outside and Otunga goes for the spine buster but Ryder counters with the Ruff Ryder for the pin. Just an average match. Zack "woo, woo, woos" and Santino plays the trumpet afterward in victory.

Up next its Evan Bourne is in action. High flying death defying action on WWE Superstars for July 21st 2011.

Evan Bourne pinned Primo

Short but rather solid match. Seems like the nature of this show so far. Again, I guess we got to show replays of segments that everyone watching this show has seen. Primo gets no entrance, unfortunate for him. Some insane pinning combinations towards the end, with Bourne flowing through with a headscissors takeover and scoring the pin on Primo. Good for what it was, even though what it was was too short. Evan Bourne gets the win on WWE Superstars for July 21st 2011.

Last Sunday at Money in the Bank, Randy Orton went bezerk after losing the belt for Christian. This Friday, Randy Orton takes on Kane this Friday on Smackdown. Tune in to find out what happened. Or read the spoilers here.

Recap of the ending segment from RAW with Vince McMahon and Triple H. And that's the show.

Thoughts on the Show: These full RAW replays need to really stop, as its cutting drastically into this show's wrestling time and with a couple more minutes, some of these matches could have been better. Still WWE Superstars for July 21st 2011 was a solid show with several matches that had potential but were cut for time.

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