Wwe Superstars 6/9/11

Welcome to WWE Superstars across the nation and around the world on WWE.com, for June 9th 2011. Another epic show on Thursday Afternoon, with WWE bringing you our feature confrontation in a match between Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd tonight on WWE Superstars, for June 9th 2011. And Tyson Kidd has yet another new manager.

Also on an side note, for those who are fans of the Price is Right, Kelly Kelly and the Bella Twins will be on the show on June 14th, to give a way a VIP Experience to Summerslam. So be sure to check that out if

you get a chance.

WWE Superstars Results 6/9/11

Chris Masters defeated JTG with the Masterlock.

WWE just divided by zero with this one. One of the best competitors in WWE in Masters against one of the least talented in JTG. JTG for those of you who don't watch NXT is now a heel. Also Jacob Novak is such an epic failure that he got eliminated first two seconds in a row. Chris Masters has some decent power stuff in this match but this is one of the lesser Masters matches on Superstars. JTG goes for the Mug Shot but Masters avoids it and locks on the Masterlock for the win. So Chris Master is your winner in the first match on WWE Superstars. JTG is one of those guys that were far better as one half of a tag team, as opposed to a singles guy.

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This Monday, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be the guest General Manager for the three hour WWE All Star Night on June 13th 2011. All of the stars of RAW and Smackdown will be there. All of WWE's biggest hours, three hours, three hours, three hours, don't forget to tune in an hour early. 8:00 PM Eastern Time on the USA Network.

Melina and Maryse defeated Eve Torres and Gail Kim.

A pretty good diva's tag team match but then again the diva matches on WWE Superstars are rather good. Eve plays face in peril and is beaten down for the vast majority of this match. Melina hits a nasty curb stomp and a cross-armed camel clutch, but Eve fights into the corner. Hot tag to Gail Kim who runs wild on Melina. Melina tries to launch Gail Kim into the corner but a backspring cross body press gets a two count, before Maryse makes the save. Eve rushes in, as its all breaking down on the June 9th edition of WWE Superstars. Eve and Maryse are taking out to the floor and the finish was great. Last week, if you remember, Gail Kim reversed the Sunset Split into the Eat Defeat for the pin. This time the same sequence, only, Melina blocks the Eat Defeat, sends Gail Kim into the corner, and hits the Sunset Split for the pin. A great bit of psychology that you don't normally see from WWE divas and this was a great diva match on WWe Superstars.


Capitol Punishment is June 19th 2011. And I'll be glad because I won't have to see those hokey Obama press conferences.

Mark Henry is out for a strange segment. He was supposed to face the winner of NXT Season 4, Johnny Curtis. But there is no Johnny Curtis. Matt Striker enters the ring and gets a word with Mark Henry. People are not coming out when the music plays, because they are afraid of Mark Henry. And when the time comes when people do come out, like Mark Henry's music says, someone's going to get their ass kicked and their head split. Mark Henry overturns the ring steps and walks off. Okay then.

Its Yoshi Tatsu and Tyson Kidd. Will Kidd have another new manager tonight? Stay tuned.

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Out comes Vickie Guerrero. What did I do to deserve this? Vickie talks and they cut with a little girl making the "blah, blah, blah" hand motion. Okay that was funny. She introduces her newest client, Tyson Kidd. So the latest manager for Tyson Kidd is Vickie Guerrero. Sure let's roll with it. And Vickie Guerrero slaps Tyson Kidd on the ass on the way to the ring. Something that I didn't need to see.

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Yoshi Tatsu pinned Tyson Kidd(w/Vickie Guerrero).

A pretty good and pretty long match on WWE Superstars. Most of the match was Tyson Kidd working over the leg of Yoshi Tatsu, crotching him on the middle rope with a dragon screw and working on it. Sunset flip by Tyson Kidd is rolled through and Yoshi Tatsu kicks him right in the face for a nearfall. Back to the leg with an inverted figure four legock, and it looks like Yoshi Tatsu is going to give up on WWE Superstars, but he doesn't. Yoshi then blocks a suplex and then kicks Kidd in the face for the pin. Vickie is none too pleased and yells at Kidd after the match.

Thoughts on the Show: WWE Superstars for June 9th 2011 was a solid show. This Monday, don't forget RAW is on an hour early for the WWE All Star Night, at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on the USA Network. Still another win for WWE.

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