Wwe Superstars 3/24/11

WWE Superstars 3/24/11

Previously on WWE Superstars: The Divas did battle in an eight diva tag team action, with the Diva's Champion Eve Torres picking up the win for her team. Also, Tyler Reks tried to get back on track, beating JTG, before gearing up with another round with Chris Masters.

Now we have WWE Superstars, airing on March 24th 2011, the third to last show airing on WGN America, before their contract runs out. Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim collide with Tyson Kidd and Melina in a mixed tag team match. Also the epic feud between Chris Masters and Tyler Reks


“The Dreadlock Demolition Man” Tyler Reks takes on “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters in yet another epic encounter between these two men.

Masters is the only person who has beaten Tyler Reks since he returned to WWE last fall. This week Masters is limping, due to him being put in the An-COLE Lock on Smackdown. Reks wisely goes through the leg, hoping to get a bit of an advantage on Masters to finally score the victory. Yet, the one thing that Reks doesn't have an answer for, the Masterlock is slapped on. Reks has no choice but to give up and Chris Masters is your winner, pulling ahead in the feud and perhaps settling the score once and for all. Chris Masters is your winner.

Wrestlemania is just a little over a week away. Time to get excited. Check out my history of Wrestlemania articles, starting right here, while you're at it. I'm only on Wrestlemania VI, and we'll see how far I can get before

the big show.

The Great Khali and Yoshi Tatsu defeated the Usos in tag team action.

Khali has his ribs taped up after Miz beaten him with a chair a few weeks ago. The Usos lost to Khali in a two on one handicap match several weeks ago and tonight, it appears that their fortunes are not much better. The Great Khali and Yoshi Tatus pick up the win tonight on WWE Superstars.

Tyson Kidd and Melina took on Daniel Bryan and Gail Kim in a mixed tag team match.

The men fight the men and the women fight the women in this mixed tag team match. This match rocked. Melina and Gail Kim have a nice sequence on the mat, trading a lot of submission holds, including really illustrating the flexibility of one Melina. I really did enjoy this match, one of the better matches on Superstars in recent weeks. Daniel Bryan slaps on the LaBell Lock on Tyson Kidd to get the pin. Bryan and Kim are your winners.

Thoughts Overall: A good round of WWE Superstars for 3/24/11. Two good matches as well. Reks and Masters was solid as usual and the mixed tag team match was some great stuff.

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