Wwe Superstars 3/15/12

It is now time for your WWE Superstars Report for March 15th 2012. Headling today’s show is a match between two women that know each other all too well, with the WWE Diva’s Champion Beth Phoenix taking on Kelly Kelly. This is your review for WWE Superstars 3/15/12. WWE Superstars 3/15/12 Hunico defeated Justin Gabriel Hats should go off to the MVP of WWE Superstars, the young name from Capetown South Africa known as Justin Gabriel. The title once given to Chris Masters is now yours young man. This was a really rocking match, back and forth action, with Comacho being the difference
maker, cracking Gabriel crotch first off of the top rope, allowing Hunico to hit a super Death Valley Bomb for the pin. Hunico picks up the win and these two men got a lot of time, going through a commercial break and it shows. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth hit the ring for tag team action up next. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks We continue with a good tag team match on WWE Superstars between these four men. Little Jimmy said that Truth and Kingston should be called the Hip Hop Express. I think Little Jimmy needs to work on his tag team naming. This match featured some really good and subtle tag team heel psychology that you just don’t get in WWE today. Kofi Kingston played the face in peril today and he is a really awesome face in peril hot the hot tag is made to R-Truth. It is all breaking down in the ring but

Kofi Kingston hits the Trouble in Paradise on Curt Hawkins right into the Little Jimmy from R-Truth which causes Truth and Kofi to win. Who needs Evan Bourne anyway? I enjoyed this match, so thumbs up for a solid show so far. Still to come, the WWE Diva’s Champion Beth Phoenix. John Cena and the Rock made music on RAW. There was a recap. Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly is looking to regain the Diva’s Title and a win over the Glamazon would put her in title contention. Beth Phoenix meanwhile is bored and wants competition. Kelly gains an early advantage with a handspring elbow and a stinkface, but that quickly turns around. Beth tortures Kelly with a number of moves, including a dragon sleeper. Brief comeback by Kelly Kelly but it is all for nothing as Beth Phoenix scores the win with the Glam Slam. Overall you’ll going to want to watch WWE Superstars 3/15/12 on WWE.com for the Hunico vs. Justin Gabriel Match and the tag team match. The diva’s match on the other hand was pretty much the same Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix match that we’ve seen many times. Last couple of weeks of WWE Superstars have been on fire. WWE Superstars Results 3/15/12 Hunico defeated Justin Gabriel Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins. Beth Phoenix defeated Kelly Kelly Past WWE Superstars Reports

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